eLiquid Mix Of The Week: PearChi

Mix of the Week: PearChi


eLiquid Mix of the Week: PearChi

Lychee is a rare sub-tropical Chinese fruit with a delicate floral fragrance with a slightly sweet but not flowery flavor. It is absolutely delicious when it is fresh and so good in a martini. But it is even more marvelous combined with a pear.

The ancient Chinese believed that pears were a symbol of immortality and prosperity; this is because they observed that pear trees lived for a very long time. PearChi is an exquisite combination of these two flavors creating quite a delightful vaping experience.

The mild sweetness, slightly tart and subtle citrus notes of the pear is perfectly balanced by the sweeter lychee taste. These two fruits create a delicious blend that mixes the flavors of crisp fresh pears and juicy exotic lychees—a truly bright and refreshing vape. As you slowly vape this wondrous combination, it will surely conjure up images of exotic and far away tropical regions.


PearChi eLiquid Recipe:

50% Pearadise

50% Lahaina Lychee


How does it taste?

Check out these reviews from our VOLCANO Staff:

Margo from our Ewa Beach Cafe:

“This happens to be my regular mix. It’s sweet but not too sweet. On first inhale you get the pear flavor. The pear gives it just a tiny bit of tart and finishes sweet with the lychee. It’s really smooth and has a well-balanced flavor that isn’t too light or too harsh.”

Hina from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“You really taste the pear when you inhale, but the lychee tones down the pear giving it a not too sweet taste.”


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