eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Sticky Buns

Mix Of The Week: Sticky Buns

eLiquid Mix of the Week: Sticky Buns

Experience the tantalizing aroma and irresistible flavor of fresh straight-from-the-oven sticky buns without adding to your waistline with this edition of Mix of the Week Sticky Buns!

Like waking up on a Sunday morning with no responsibilities for the day, the scent of those warm sugary sticky buns perfectly embodies those take-it-slow mornings. This was the idea we had in mind when we created Sticky Buns, you can truly taste the gooey, sweet goodness of those homemade sticky buns with this tempting vape.  

Sticky Buns is an exquisite blend of tobacco, salted caramel, orange cream, and vanilla bean. When you first inhale you get a hit of the tobacco, which delivers a rich nutty flavor, it then finishes with the sweet creaminess very much like those delicious breakfast buns. It would certainly go great as your morning vape alongside your favorite cup of coffee. Decadent flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth culminating in a billow of thick vapor—that’s pretty much perfection in eliquid form.


Sticky Buns e-Liquid Recipe:

40% Tobacco

40% Salted Caramel

10% Ono Orange

10% Vanilla Bean


How does it taste?

Check out this review by Hina from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“At first the nuttiness of the tobacco flavor comes off a bit strong, but as the flavor settles a bit, the tobacco is gets balanced out by the salted caramel and the orange cream—it just tastes good. I’m not a dessert flavor fan, but it does have a great light sticky bun flavor that ends with a yummy creaminess. It tastes even better with my morning coffee!”

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