eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Sweet Water Punch


Mix of the Week: Sweet Water Punch


Are you still searching for your perfect All-Day-Vape (ADV) eliquid flavor? Well if you are the type that craves fruity candies, we have one mixture that may be the one that you’ve been waiting for. Check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Sweet Water Punch, a juicy, fruity tangy flavored vape experience that will make your tastes buds sing!


Expertly concocted by our very talented eliquid mixologists, Sweet Water Punch is a combination of Sweet Tart, Fruit Candies and BlueWater Punch eliquids. Your vape journey begins on refreshing hints of blueberry and watermelon flavors, mixed with hints of tangy and tart. Your exhale is a juicy sweetness of a fruity candy favorite. This flavor is definitely a sweet, tangy and mildly sour vape experience that has great throat hit and full vapor production, all the makings of a delightful all-day-vape.



Sweet Water Punch eLiquid Recipe:


50% Sweet Tart

45% Fruit Candies

5% BlueWater Punch



How does it taste?


Check out this review by Hina from our Wahiawa Cafe:


“It’s like vaping candy! You can really taste the fruit flavors. The sweet tart highlights this trio of flavors, with hints of blueberry and fruit punch juiciness—tart, tangy and sweet but not too sweet. If you love candy flavors this is the perfect all-day-vape flavor for you!”


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