eLiquid-ology: Custom Nicotine Strengths

Eliquidology: Create Custom Eliquid Nicotine Strengths

Here at VOLCANO, we provide you with four levels of nicotine strength for each of our delicious flavors, to match your taste and needs.

24mg = Extra High

16mg = Full Flavored

8mg = Lights

0mg = Zero

But what if these nicotine levels don’t work for your tastes? What if the concentration is a little too strong for your preference and you want something in the middle of what we offer. Well don’t fret, because this post will tell you exactly what you can do.

How to tell if your nicotine level is too strong:

When you take a drag from your ecig, does the back of your throat tickle or burn uncomfortably? Or if after a few inhales do you get a little light-headed or even dizzy? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, there is a good chance that the nicotine level of your eliquid is to high.

It’s easy to bring the nicotine level of your VOLCANO eliquid down. As we had mentioned in our Nicotine 101 blog post, the easiest and best way to bring down the level of your nicotine content is by purchasing the same flavor in Zero, since it has no nicotine at all. This way, you can effectively reduce the amount of nicotine without sacrificing any flavor or having to ditch your current bottle.

If you purchased a bottle of VOLCANO eliquid as Extra High (24mg) and find that it is a lot stronger than your old cigarette, purchase the same flavor in Zero and mix the two half and half.

You can either do so by combining the two liquids straight in your tank. Just fill half the tank with Full Flavored and the top half with Zero.

By doing this, you have essentially cut the concentration of the eliquid by half. Meaning that your new mixture only has a 12mg content, and if this is still too much, you can cut this in half as well with more Zero eliquid, you will then end up with an eliquid concentration of 6mg.

With this method, you can achieve a custom nicotine content suited to your tastes in any number between 24mg and 0mg. Here are a few examples to get you started.


Don’t forget that making the switch to VOLCANO e-cigarettes will be as easy as it is enjoyable, especially since you can try any flavor or strength that you like at any of our fine locations.

While you are experimenting and feeling our your way to your perfect VOLCANO vape, just remember to use your common sense and listen to what your body is telling you along the way. Happy vaping!