eLiquid-ology: eLiquid Storage 101


But once you’ve found the eliquid love of your life, how do you maintain that eliquid goodness? 

What do you need to do to keep the flavor great?  eLiquid is like a piece of cake.  You wouldn’t leave your cake in a heated area nor would you leave it out in the sun, would you?  Here are some tips on how to keep your ‘cake’ from losing it’s quality

Save your eliquid a spot in the shade

  • In sunlight, the color of eliquid will change, the nicotine and the taste will degrade as well.  By keeping your eliquid out of the sun, you will be able to preserve the quality.

Let your eliquid chill in a cool space 

  • Like in sunlight, heat will change the taste and color of your eliquid as well as degrade the nicotine content.  By storing your eliquid in a cool space, you will be keeping that flavor you fell in love with at the beginning.

Prevent uh-ohs with protection

  • Just imagine, you are in a room with other random objects and all of a sudden everything starts to shake.  You have nothing strapping you down and all before you can do anything, you are squished under a huge wallet!  That will never happen to you, but may be a reality for your bottle of eliquid. Even though our bottles have child proof caps on them, take care of your eliquid and keep it snug and safe in a container when traveling.  Not only can the added heat damage it, but the pressure of being under something or a little too snug in a pocket may cause an unwanted spill.

No fountain of youth for eliquid

  • Unfortunately, the quality of eliquid cannot last forever.  After time, regardless of how good you store eliquid, the quality will start to degrade.  Have extra eliquid lying around, plan a huge Vape Party as the expiration date creeps closer. We estimate average shelf-life to be around a year with proper storage.

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