eLiquid-ology: PG & VG eLiquid Ratios

One main question among vapers, especially ones new to the scene is: What is the ideal ratio of PG to VG is when it comes to eliquid?

Different users will have different preferences when it comes to their vape, factors like vapor cloud production, throat hit, and flavor strength. These factors will all depend on that special ratio.

Many manufacturers of eliquid like VOLCANO mix both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin together in order to have the positive properties of both substances in an eliquid. Each company has their own preferred mixing proportions.

Typical blends are 50PG/50VG, 60PG/40VG, and 70PG/30PG—which is what we use in our eliquid as our intensive research has lead us to the conclusion that a 70/30 ratio is the perfect balance of flavor intensity, throat hit, and vapor production.

A quick overview of PG & VG

Propylene glycol is a clear and viscous liquid that is often used in food and pharmaceutical products. This is also what gives your vape the “throat hit” reminiscent of your old tobacco cigarette.

It is also the carrier of the eliquid flavoring and because it is a neutral liquid, it does not affect the true flavor of your e-liquid. For more in depth information on PG, click here.

There has also been some misinformation on PG being used in anti-freeze, and though it is an ingredient because it is quite a versatile compound, PG is specifically used for non-toxic anti-freeze, so don’t believe the myth—as ecigs don’t in fact, contain antifreeze.

Vegetable glycerin is widely used in the food production industry as a filler, preservative, sweetener amongst many other uses. VG is also what gives your eliquid that thick plume of vapor all ecig users very much enjoy.

But VG is very sweet on its own and so it can affect the flavor of your liquid. It is a much thicker liquid than PG and using an eliquid with more VG can lead to a much shorter lifespan of your cartomizer, as the liquid can gunk up your equipment.

For more information on its characteristics and other uses, check out our in depth article on vegetable glycerin.


In the end, it is all down to personal preference when it comes to choosing the ratio of PG/VG in your eliquid. Here at VOLCANO, we believe we have found the ideal balance of all the good traits that PG and VG have to offer for a great vape. Our 70PG to 30VG ratio is the perfect formulation to work seamlessly with our devices—with our e-liquid, you will not have to worry about reducing the life of your cartomizer. What we most like to boast about too are the intrinsic characteristics of our perfected formulation as it delivers a superb amount of flavor from start to finish, it gives the right amount of throat hit you crave, and ends deliciously in a voluminous cloud of vapor. So go ahead and stock up on our delicious flavors today!

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