eLiquid-ology: To Steep or Not to Steep?


The definition of steeping is “to soak in water or other liquid, as to soften, cleanse, or extract some constituent”.

So in terms of steeping eliquid, the point is to get more flavor.

There are differing opinions on steeping, some are simple and straightforward and some involve more complex steps. But the endgame of any steeping method is to get the flavor just the way that you like it. But before you go ahead and steep the new eliquid that you just got, you should always sample the new eliquid first, you may like what it tastes like straight out of the bottle—and if not, that is when you should consider steeping it.

A few things to keep in mind if you do decide to steep:

  • Heat, light and air are the enemies of eliquid, as exposure to too much of any of these conditions can cause your flavor and nicotine to degrade prematurely
  • A cool, dark and dry place is perfect for steeping (the same conditions that you would use for storing)
  • Cabinets and pantries are perfect places to steep, since they normally stay cool and are dark, but if you are using a box, make sure your ejuice is placed somewhere out of reach of children and pets
  • If you are at the step where you will be shaking your ejuice, make sure the cap is on firmly to avoid accidentally spilling
  • If you are going to squeeze the air out of the bottle, make sure you do it gently

eLiquid Steeping Methods

One basic method of steeping is to give your closed bottle a good shake before you use it. You can also swirl the liquid around, whichever method you use you are essentially making sure that the ingredients are getting distributed evenly throughout the ejuice. 

Because of gravity, the heavier particles of the eliquid tend to settle on the bottom, by shaking the bottle you are loosening up the particles and in turn creating a more even and stronger flavor. So giving your new bottle a vigorous shake then allowing it to sit for a day or two in a dark cool place, then shaking again before using –is one great way to get good flavor results without too much hassle.

We found that this method works best for vapers as it gives the eliquid flavor the perfect amount of time to “round-out” and ripen.

Another method that will surely test your patience is this one:

  1. Remove the cap and squeeze gently to let fresh air into the bottle
  2. Replace cap and shake very well and place into a drawer
  3. Repeat this method every two days for the next 3 weeks (or until the flavor is to your liking)

Not all eliquid flavors require this much time or ritual, but several vapers have found that doing this method allows the alcohol/floral perfumey overtone to dissipate.

Though VOLCANO eliquids are great right out of the bottle, some vapers may still want to consider steeping their ejuice if they feel that their flavors could still use some maturing. Keep in mind that steeping is really a journey and not a destination—as time is really the best method for achieving the best flavor to your palate, much like a fine wine getting better with age.

We recommend shaking before use and storing for your preferred period of time in a cool and dark place (away from children and pets) as the best method currently out there. But if you feel the need to try a speed-steeping method, make sure you do your research, as these methods will degrade both the flavor and nicotine in your eliquid.