eLiquid Sales Ban in Illinois


Vapers of Illinois, your help is needed.

If HB 5689 is passed, the plummet of sales within the Illinois eCig Industry could affect the local Illinois Vape Shops in a negative way.  HB 5689 would require the Illinois Department of Public Health to establish standards for 'special packaging' for all eliquid to be sold in which could take anywhere from six months to two years to actually become law.  Until these regulations have become law, the sale of all eliquid in Illinois will be banned. At anytime this bill can come up for a vote in the Illinois General Assembly. 

Please reach out to the below representatives and ask them to oppose HB 5689 because:
  1. It would immediately ban the sale of all e-cigarette liquid in Illinois.
  2. it is an unfunded mandate on the Department of Public Health that requires them to make packaging rules for ecigarette liquid, a product that the Department of Public Health is unprepared to adequately regulate.
Representative contact info:
Speaker of the IL Assembly Rep. Michael Madigan -- (217) 782-5350 
IL Assembly Majority Leader Rep. Barbara Currie -- (217) 782-8121
A direct call to these representatives can make a huge difference by telling your story and stating the above facts in regards to HB 5689.

If you wish to take additional action, please contact the members of the Illinois House of Representatives and let them know:

1. You are an Illinois resident and would like them to OPPOSE HB 5689 because it would immediately ban the sale of all ecigarette liquid in the State of Illinois.
2. Tell your story on how switching to an ecigarette or another smoke-free product has changed your life.
3.  Explain that:
  • While HB 5689 is being promoted as a bill to sensibly require child-resistant packaging on ecigarette liquids, the truth is that this bill would BAN the sale of all e-cigarette liquid products until regulations detailing specific packaging specifications are proposed and enacted by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • These regulations could take anywhere from six months to two years to actually become law. In that time, sales of ecigarette liquid would be banned.
  • Even if HB 5689 is amended to allow for continued sales of eliquid, this bill still hands over rulemaking power on a thriving, worldwide industry to unelected bureaucrats at the Illinois Department of Public Health, and all without appropriating a single dollar for the Department of Public Health to accomplish this.  This bill is an unfunded mandate on the Department of Public Health.
  • Improper regulation, even on a subject as seemingly simple as child-resistant packaging, could have negative consequences for consumers by raising the cost of products or enacting barriers to adult access. Overly restrictive regulations that are not based on science could also lead to costly lawsuits.     
  • The vast majority of ecigarette businesses in Illinois already do sell their ecigarette liquid in child-resistant packaging (i.e., with caps similar to those on medicine).
  • The FDA is likely to announce their proposed regulations for ecigarettes in the near future. These regulations will, at bare minimum, almost certainly set out packaging requirements, and any such regulations would preempt Illinois regulations on packaging. In other words, the Department of Public Health will be expending time, resources, and possibly fighting lawsuits to establish regulations that could be made unenforceable after just a few months or a year. 
Additionally, you can also respectfully voice your opposition in e-mails to many members of the Illinois General Assembly and Senate using the lists below:
Email list for the IL General Assembly:  

repdistrict3@gmail.com, dvbeiser@sbcglobal.net, rep@pbellock.com, repberrios39@gmail.com, rep.bost@hotmail.com, repjohnbradley@mychoice.net, dan@rep-danbrady.com, brauerr@housegopmail.state.il.us, staterepbrown@gmail.com, kellyb@ilga.gov, johncabello@aol.com, repcassidy@gmail.com, john@johncavaletto.com, chapa-laviali@ilga.gov, staterepcloonen79@att.net, repcolvin@sbcglobal.net, staterepcostello@gmail.com, fred@fredcrespo.com, tom@tomcross.com, repcurrie@sbcglobal.net, johnd@ilga.gov, davismd@ilga.gov, williamd@ilga.gov, repdeluca@sbcglobal.net, repdrury@gmail.com, kendunkin@msn.com, repdurkin@hotmail.com, krfarnham@gmail.com, repfine@gmail.com, sara@staterepsara.com, flowersme@ilga.gov, lkf@ilga.gov, mike.fortner@sbcglobal.net, jack@jackfranks.org, robyn@robyngabel.com, esthergolar@sbcglobal.net, repjgordon@gmail.com, staterephalbrook@frontier.com, rephammond@macomb.com, staterepharms@gmail.com, greg@gregharris.org, repharris@yahoo.com, info@kayhatcher.us, repehernandez@yahoo.com, repjayhoffman@gmail.com, repjeanneives@gmail.com, bbsty2010@gmail.com, naomi@naomijakobsson.com, staterepchuck67@aol.com, repjones.jones@gmail.com, dwightkay112@gmail.com, stephanie.kifowit@att.net, rkosel@ilga.gov, langli@ilga.gov, repdavidleitch@gmail.com, statereplilly@yahoo.com, mmadigan@hds.ilga.gov, repmartwick@gmail.com, patti76th@ivnet.com, 60thdistrict@gmail.com, repemily@gmail.com, mmcauliffe20@yahoo.com, ilhouse52@gmail.com, repmanley@gmail.com, deb@debmell.org, repmitchell@earthlink.net, christianmitchell26th@gmail.com, moffitt@grics.net, repmorrison54@gmail.com, staterepmussman@gmail.com, enekritz@repnekritz.org, reposmond@aol.com, bphelps118@gmail.com, poer@housegopmail.state.il.us, bob@pritchardstaterep.com, david@davidreis.org, rep.riley38@sbcglobal.net, robertbobrita@aol.com, rosenthal@consolidated.net, pamrothd75@gmail.com, jimsacia@aeroinc.net, staterepsue@gmail.com, sengerstaterep@gmail.com, repsente@gmail.com, repsims34@gmail.com, repsmiddy@gmail.com, repderricksmith@yahoo.com, sommer@mtco.com, repsosnowski@gmail.com, 4repsoto@gmail.com, ilhouse51@sbcglobal.net, rep.tabares@gmail.com, rep32district@gmail.com, jiltracy@jiltracy.com, mike@miketryon.com, inezc@reparthurturner.com, repunes@gmail.com, pverschoore@qconline.com, statereplarrywalshjr@gmail.com, repwelch@emanuelchriswelch.com, jimwatson@localnetco.com, repwheeler64@gmail.com, staterepann@gmail.com, repwillis77@gmail.com, repsamyingling@gmail.com, michaelz@ilga.gov
Email list for the IL Senate:

pamela@pamelaalthoff.net, jennifer@bertinotarrant.com, senatorbivins@grics.net, senatorbiss@gmail.com, billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com, info@melindaforsenate.com, jclayborne@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatorcollins@sbcglobal.net, john@senatorcullerton.com, tcullterton@senatedem.ilga.gov, delgado@senatedem.ilga.gov, senator@kdillard.com, dan@senatorduffy.com, senatorforby@yahoo.com, whaine@senatedem.ilga.gov, dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov, harris@senatedem.ilga.gov, hastings@senatedem.ilga.gov, mhunter@senatedem.ilga.gov, thutchinson@senatedem.ilga.gov, jacobs@senatedem.state.il.us, ejones3@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatordavekoehler@gmail.com, dan@senatorkotowski.com, senatorlahood@att.net, info@senatorlandek.com, lightford@senatedem.ilga.gov, senator@link30.org, sendavel@midwest.net, amanar@senatedem.ilga.gov, imartinez@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatorsam@frontier.com, senatormccarter51@att.net, karenmcconnaughay33@gmail.com, mcguire@senatedem.ilga.gov, morrison@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatormulroe@att.net, amunoz@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatormattmurphy@gmail.com, mnoland@senatedem.ilga.gov, kraoul@senatedem.ilga.gov, senatorrezin@gmail.com, drighter@consolidated.net, mccarter51@att.net, msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov, isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.gov, stadelman@senatedem.ilga.gov, hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov, sullivan@senatedem.state.il.us, info@senatordavesyverson.com, trotter@senatedem.ilga.gov, vanpelt@senatedem.ilga.gov