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Learn More About The CUBIS Sub-Ohm Atomizer


The CUBIS Sub-Ohm Atomizer is the latest tank released by Joyetech. Known for their innovative vaping products releases, Joyetech took the technology of vaping another step forward with the creation of the CUBIS Sub-Ohm Tank. Unlike any other tank currently on the market, the CUBIS features a truly spill-proof and unique cup-like design that is virtually leak proof.

The CUBIS is constructed from top-quality stainless steel for a durable and dependable tank that will last any user for many years to come. It is equipped with a Pyrex glass tank that holds up to 3.5ml of e-juice for long vape sessions free from having to constantly refill.

The CUBIS features a hidden airflow control valve located at the top of the tank. This airflow valve is fully adjustable to allow the user to hone in on the perfect amount of airflow for their vape with a simple twist open or close.

Joyetech’s groundbreaking design of the CUBIS is what truly makes this tank like no other. The CUBIS hasn’t been designed with the traditional bottom coil design; instead it is furnished with a cup-like tank style, which is engineered to be completely leak-free. To ensure this leak-proof design, the top cap of the CUBIS is an all-in-one unit that holds the coil. When the top-filling feature of the tank has to be accessed, the entire unit is twisted out, revealing a tank that looks very much like a whiskey tumbler—truly what inspired the CUBIS’ design. 

The CUBIS has been created with different types of coils so that the tank can be used with a plethora of diverse user settings that match the needs of vapers. Replaceable coils for the CUBIS are available in Stainless Steel-316 (BF-SS316) in 0.5ohms and 1.0 ohm ratings perfect for a sub ohm or standard vaper, alike. There is also a BF-Clapton in 1.5ohms, which are known for creating huge clouds that any cloud chaser would be envious of. 

The CUBIS is a featue-rich and one-of-a-kind tank that would make the perfect addition to any vaper’s collection, as its incredible performance can truly satisfy any beginner or even an advanced vaper’s needs.


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CUBIS Sub-Ohm Atomizer Features:


Unique Leak Proof Tank Design


Equipped with a Delrin Drip Tip

All-In-One Top Cap/Coil Unit

Anti-Leak Hidden Top Airflow Valve




CUBIS Sub-Ohm Atomizer Specs:


Material: Stainless Steel

Tank: Pyrex Glass

Tank Style: Leak Proof Cup Design / Top-Filling

Threading: Standard 510

E-Liquid Capacity: 3.5ml

Dimensions: 22mm x 60mm

Available Replacement Coils: BF SS316 (0.5ohms), BF SS316 (1.0ohms) & Clapton (1.5ohms)