Get To Know The LAVATUBE 3: What Is Temperature Control & What Does That Mean For Your Vape?


How Does the DNA 40 Chip Control & Protect The Vape Your LAVATUBE 3 Can Produce?


Your LAVATUBE 3 is one innovative device and the first in its line that is powered by EVOLV’s DNA 40 chip with temperature control and protection. But how does temperature control actually work and what does that do for the type of vape you get from your LAVATUBE 3? Let us clarify.


What is Temperature Control & Protection?


Temperature control is possible in the LAVATUBE 3 because of EVOLV’s DNA 40 chip. It is the first chip created fore e-cigs that has the ability to measure and limit the temperature of a vaper’s atomizer coil when they activate their device.

Since the DNA 40 chip is able to control the atomizer coil from getting too hot no matter the type of e-liquid or wick used it is able to prevent certain undesirable types of vape to occur. For example, if the temperature is set correctly, the DNA 40 can virtually guard a user from experiencing dry hits. This means no more burnt wick and you no longer have to worry about tasting a horrible dry and burnt wick ever again.


How Does It Work?


In order to utilize the temperature control and protection feature of the LAVATUBE 3, the coil must be made of Ni200 pure nickel. It will not work with a coil made of nichrome n8 or kanthal A1. This is due to a characteristic that is inherent only to pure nickel wires--as its resistance changes when its temperature changes, so much so that it is known as the temperature coefficient.

Due to the temperature coefficient of pure nickel wire, the DNA 40 chip can calculate the temperature of a coil build by constantly measuring the resistance of the coil build when a user fires their device. It should be noted though that the coil that is built by the user should be room temperature before it is used and that the build must not contain any hot or cold spots in order for the reading to be as accurate as possible.


But Don’t I Need High Heat For Big Cloud Production?


No you don’t. Wattage is actually what controls the volume of vapor produced by the device, not temperature. Your e-cig can easily create large voluminous clouds of vapor without unnecessarily high temperatures.

So the temperature protection feature of the LAVATUBE 3 will not prevent you from producing big clouds, it is meant to guard you against dry hits and regulate your wattage setting if it is not set at the correct level for the atomizer that is attached.


VOLCANOVaper Tip: When your LAVATUBE 3 is not firing, the max temperature setting will be displayed on the screen. When you fire your device, the actual average temperature of the coil will be displayed.


Characteristics of the DNA 40 Chip


The temperature control range of your LAVATUBE 3 can be adjusted between 200F and 600F. As a default, the temperature protection is set to 450F.


Here’s how you can change its temperature limit:


1. Lock your LAVATUBE 3 by pressing the circle activation button 5 times quickly

2. Hold down the “-“ & “+” buttons for 2 seconds

3. After 2 seconds, the max temperature will be displayed, now release the “-“ & “+” buttons

4. Use the “-“ & “+” buttons to adjust the max temperature to your preference

5. When the screen shows the temperature you like, press the circle activation button again to exit the temperature adjustment mode


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