Get To Know The LAVATUBE 3: What is the EVOLV DNA 40 Chip?


What is the EVOLV DNA 40 Chip & What Does It Do For My LAVATUBE 3?


The DNA 40 chip by the American company EVOLV is the brain of your LAVATUBE 3 device. It is a power regulating chipboard that has a 40-watt output. A first for EVOLV, it is their introductory production board that can accurately measure and limit the temperature of a device’s coil. They wanted to create a chip that limits a coil’s temperature for safety reasons.

In recent months there have been studies released that claim e-liquid vapor can release harmful vapors once the temperature the e-liquid is being vaporized at passes a certain temperature. Although it has already been proven that this only occurred during the study’s unrealistic temperature settings, almost double the normal operating coil temperatures. It never hurts to err on the side of caution and create a device that can take the worry and guess work out of vaping. This is exactly what the DNA 40 chip does for vapers.

To use the DNA40 chip’s temperature limiting feature, a temperature limit must be set by the user and any wattage can be set based on the user’s preference. Users of the LAVATUBE 3 with the DNA40 chip should know that temperature does not produce more vapor, temperature is what affects the flavor production of the device. Vapor production on the other hand depends on the amount of power that is brought to the coils, the more power drawn from the battery and put into the coils = thicker vapor production.


What Will the DNA40 Chip Do For My Vape?


With the DNA 40 chip inside your LAVATUBE 3, it will allow a user to set a coil temperature that is high enough to vaporize e-liquid and produce the perfect amount of vapor, but at a low temperature that will prevent the wick from burning. In a sense it will prevent the RBA or tank being used from producing any dry hits.

In order to user the DNA40 chip’s temperature regulating feature, the vaper must build using only Ni200 pure nickel wire. This is due to the characteristic inherent only with pure nickel wire dubbed the temperature coefficient. Basically, as the nickel wire’s resistance changes its temperature also changes. Pure nickel wires are the only wires that can be utilized to gauge the temperature of a coil build by measuring its resistance.

By constantly measuring the resistance of the coil build when a user fires their LAVATUBE 3, the DNA40 chip is able to calculate the coil’s temperature and regulate the temperature based on the user’s chosen settings.


EVOLV DNA40 Chip Specs


Power Output: 1 – 40 Watts

Voltage Output: 1 – 9 Volts

Atomizer Resistance (Standard Wire): 0.16 ohm (min) – 2.0 ohm (max)

Atomizer Resistance (Pure Nickel Wire): 0.10 ohm (min) – 1.0 ohm (max)

Temperature Limit: 200F (min) – 600F (max)

Preheat Feature

Reverse Battery Protection