Hawaii State Vape Laws

eCig Legislation: A discussion on the local regulations affecting your ecigarettes.


The State of Hawaii: There were several bills that were introduced by Hawaii’s Senators within the past year in an attempt to devastatingly regulate electronic cigarettes, eliquids, and equipment.

The most influential of the bunch was SB 2222, which if it had been approved would have effectively banned the sale of ecigarettes and all smokeless tobacco in flavors other than tobacco, mint, menthol, and wintergreen—this would have turned into an industry-wide ban. But thanks to the avid support of the local vaping community, the bill was amended to exempt ecigarettes.

Presently there is no statewide ecigarette ban in Hawaii. Although as of January 2013, usage of electronic cigarettes at all Department of Health properties (except where smoking is permitted) has been prohibited. Honolulu City Buses, Aloha Stadium and Consolidated Movie Theaters have also prohibited the use of ecigs while on their property. Likewise just this past July, Hawaii County (Big Island) has approved a ban of sales of cigarettes and ecigarettes to persons under the age of 21 (Bill 35).

Below is a list of the places in Hawaii that are currently exempt from the ecig regulation (eCig use dependent on the decision of the management at the location):

- All enclosed workplaces

- Bars & Restaurants

- Private residences (not used as a healthcare or daycare facility)

- Hotel & Motel rooms which are designated as smoking rooms

- Retail tobacco stores

- Designated rooms in nursing homes

- Places of employment located outdoors (not part of a bar or restaurant)

- Anywhere smoking is part of a film production

- State correctional facilities

Even though there are currently no laws against vaping when you are at the places listed above, remember to always use your common sense and never forget your ecigarette etiquette.

We know that you love your ecigs and vaping as much as we do, but when visiting any establishments if you do not see any obvious signs that prohibit vaping it is always still a good move to ask the management first before you proudly exhale a voluminous cloud for all to see.

You are a walking and talking billboard for the vaping movement and community, so make sure you are always a step ahead of the anti-ecig crowd and show them that you are aware of and respect the people around you.

And if you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of the reactions that you may get when vaping, don’t forget your stealth vaping ninja techniques. This way you can still enjoy your vape but in incognito-mode so there is a lessened risk of catching unwanted attention.