History of the eCigarette


The first known person on record to have the idea for an electronic smoking device was Herbert A. Gilbert who filed a patent for this product in 1963.

Gilbert was well aware of the health hazards of tobacco and smoking cigarettes but unfortunately, at that time, smoking traditional cigarettes was widely accepted and allowed almost anywhere including university classrooms, offices and airplanes which led to no interest in his idea. There just was no demand for an alternative to smoking at that time.

About 40 years later in 2003, a Chinese Pharmacist named Han Lik began the development of the ecigarette shortly after his father died of lung cancer. He created a method that allowed nicotine to be inhaled without smoke, tobacco or any of the other chemicals that are a part of the production of traditional cigarettes. His creation of the ecig was immediately picked up by the Chinese Market and quickly spread to Europe. With Europeans being well known for their smoking habits, this was a huge change.

In 2007 the ecigarette broke ground in America gaining increasing popularity nationwide drawing more attention to the creation than anticipated. The next couple of years would prove challenging for the eCig Industry with ecig bans in specific countries, completely stopping any importation of the products and uneducated assumptions nationwide. This was the start of organizations such as Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) created to promote honest research and education on smoke-free alternatives.

The ecigarette industry today continues to make history with its growth and innovative products worldwide. eLiquid, ecigarette devices and ecig accessories have changed from the beginning by providing an evolved and enjoyable experience for all who have sought out a smoking alternative.

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