How Much Has Switching To VOLCANO eCigs Saved You?

Save Money by Switching to Vaping.

So if you haven’t made the switch to ecigarettes yet, what is stopping you? Why are you still wasting your hard earned money on combustible cigarettes that are just burning a bigger hole in your pocket with each passing day! Isn’t it time that you do yourself a favor and make the switch to one of the reusable VOLCANO eCig Starter Kits?


Take a look at our chart below that compares the average cost of a pack of cigarettes from 5 chosen states (you can click here if you want to see other state costs.) This chart will give you an idea of how much money a pack-a-day habit is costing you. This of course does not factor in the amount a smoker spends on lighters, ashtrays, fragrance, gum (to cover up the smoke smell), and dental work (you are most likely aware of your yellowed teeth due to the tar from your cigarettes).


Did you know that nicotine isn’t what causes your teeth to yellow? Read more about the myth here>



After switching to vaping you will realize too that you will be vaping less. You no longer are committed to smoking an entire cigarette every time you need to satiate your craving. This fact will greatly extend the amount of eliquid that you have. Some vapers have even found that the amount of nicotine they used to use becomes to strong for them over time and this has led to lessening the amount of nicotine in their eliquid—they are essentially weaning themselves off of nicotine. If saving money was not enough of a plus, than this fact surely is!


Did you know that a 30ml bottle of eliquid is roughly equivalent to 1 carton of cigarettes?

(Though this is dependent on the frequency of your vaping)


1 carton of cigarettes = 10 packs


If you are a pack-a-day smoker, you will need to buy 3 cartons for one month of smoking. Or instead you can just buy 3 different flavors of 30ml eliquid. Check out the comparison below:



After the initial purchase of the starter kit, your savings start to become apparent. Even if you factor in the cost of the replacement coils, cartomizers, etc…you will still notice that your wallet has more money in it than when you were buying tobacco cigarettes.


Still not convinced? Check out the VOLCANO eCigs Savings Calculator today and see how much money you could be saving annually if you made the switch to one of our easy-to-use Starter Kits.


VOLCANO eCigs Savings Calculator >


If you already made the switch, how much money has vaping with VOLCANO eCigs saved you so far?