How To Be A Stealth Vaping Ninja


First and foremost we would like to put it out there that we do not condone vaping in places where ecigarettes have already been banned.

Though we certainly do not agree with the heavy limitations that some cities have already placed ecigs under—basically treating ecigs like their combustible counterparts.

It is still best to respect people’s concerns whether it’s warranted or not. Even when you follow the law and play by their rules, there are still situations that you will find yourself in where you may want or need to vape on the side of discretion. Some scenarios include family gatherings and business conferences— those are just a few places where blowing out big billows of vapor may not be in your best interest. For these certain situations, it is best if you master the art of “Stealth Vaping”.

With the amount of scrutiny that the vaping community has been recently receiving thanks to the media and lawmakers, a “vape wherever and whenever I want” attitude may not be the best approach to take. It can attract unwarranted attention and may even give vapers a bad reputation. As Aretha Franklin once sang, “I got to have just a little bit, a little respect just a little bit…” and even just a little bit of respect can surely go a long way at improving the general public’s view on the currently controversial world of electronic cigarettes.

The vaping community can surely use these little positive changes because of the current FDA deeming ecigarette regulations about to come out and projected vaping bans. We aren’t saying that you should hide yourself in a closet, but use your common sense and take heed of the regulations if you do decide to take your vaping outside of your house.

Below are some tips for you if you do decide to vape like a ninja.


Tips on Stealth Vaping for the Everyday Ninja Vaper:

Hold your vapor in for a little longer: 

  • Some people will take a few mouthfuls of air after each pull and then hold, while others will pull and hold for 3-4 seconds.

Exhale slowly: 

  • Following the techniques mentioned above, the slower you exhale, the result will truly be less vapor production.

Capture and/or lessen the vapor you exhale: 

  • An easy way to lessen the amount of vapor that you exhale is by discretely exhaling into your hand, or in a cup, your shirtsleeve, or into your bag. Any of these types of techniques will surely help you reduce the visual impact and will break up the cloud.

Change Up Your Current System for a Stealthier Vape:

Use a more incognito device:

Your giant custom mod surely delivers an ostentatious cloud of vapor, but it will of course draw the attention of anyone within a mile radius of where you are. So for a stealth vape, this type of device is definitely not one you would want to use. Pick something smaller and something easier to hide, most stealth vapers opt for devices small enough that they can hide it in their palm. These smaller back up devices are the best to use for public vaping or during situations where your vaping discretion would be necessary.

Reduce your watts/volts setting:

Even if you have an incognito device that is the size of your pinkie, it may still produce thick clouds of vapor. To make sure you produce the least amount of vapor possible, reduce your watt/volt setting so you don’t alert the whole room about your infatuation with ecigs.

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Don’t be a rebel…

If you do reside in a city or go often go to a business where they have banned indoor vaping, please respect the rules. Remember that you are not only representing yourself, but the entire vaping community as well.

This also applies to situations where the management of the business asked you to quit using your ecig—even if you know it is legal for you to vape, just take the high road by honoring their request and take your ecig outside. Yes of course you can state your case, but do it in a respectful way, honestly though there is no point in fighting a battle that you cannot win.

For other situations where ecigs are allowed but you are worried about offending the people around you, may it be upsetting someone or dealing with unwanted arguments, stealth vaping may be a good choice for you. By doing so you will avoid all of that unwelcome attention, rude comments, or the need to argue about your choice to use an ecigarette.

So VOLCANO Vapers How Do YOU Stealth Vape?

Please feel free to share any tips on your methods below. Do you have any pics of you “ninja” vaping? We’d love to see them!