How To Find Your Vaping "Sweet Spot" On Your BC TubeTank System


Finding your Vaping “Sweet Spot” on your BC TubeTank System:

Your vaping “sweet spot” is essentially the perfect balance between the voltage that is produced by your battery with the resistance (ohms) in your coil. This perfect number is what you are trying to find in order to get the maximum vapor production, perfect throat hit, flavor intensity and maximum battery and coil life from your device.

Simply put, power (measured in watts) is how intense your vape feels, normally vapers fall between 6-8 watts as their “sweet spot”. The current (measured in amps) is what can burn out your atomizer.

The goal is to stay around 1.5 amps as 2.0 and above is a high risk for a burn out.

You will need to do a little math to find the watts and amps as these are not properties of atomizers or batteries. These are calculated from your coil’s resistance (measured in ohms) and your battery voltage (measure in volts).


The formulas to calculate these numbers are:


Volts x Volts / Ohms = Watts                       &                     Volts / Ohms = Amps


Read here to learn more about what Ohms, Volts and other electrical terms mean for your vape >


As mentioned above our goal is to balance your voltage setting with your coil’s resistance in order to get in the sweet spot vape range of 6-8 watts without burning out your coil (by not letting your amps get too high).

So keep in mind that if your voltage is too low and your coil’s resistance is too high (relative to each other), your watts will be low and you will have low vapor production (not much throat hit, weak flavor).

But if you set your voltage too high and your coil resistance is too low, your amps will be too high and you will run the risk of burning out your coil.


Read here to learn more about what Variable Voltage & Wattage does to your vape >


In the simplest of terms, it is always best to start off low and work your way up. If you start to taste any hint of burning flavor you should turn it down. Basically it is all down to your preference, adjust the power up and down until you find what you like.


If you do not want to do the math, check out our BC TubeTank Power Chart below to easily find your VOLCANO Vaping Sweet Spot based on your coil selection and LAVATUBE Voltage setting >>


BC TubeTank Vaping Power Chart

An easy chart to locate your VOLCANO vaping sweet spot


BC TubeTank Facts:


Why does the BC TubeTank come standard with a 3.5 ohm coil?

We chose the 3.5 ohm coil because we found that it was the best to be used at all of the voltage settings the LAVATUBE v2.5 has available. The 3.5 ohm coil also has the lowest amount of dry hits. The high resistance of the coil gives it a longer lifespan when compared to a lower resistance coil (assuming you are using the same voltage setting).

This coil resistance was selected in order to afford a first time user an easy and satisfying experience. More experienced users will turn to the low resistance coils as they do get hotter and will produce more vapor, but keep in mind that the chance of dry hits will increase with lower ohm coils.


BC TubeTank & Coils were engineered to function perfectly with our line of e-Liquids.

As we’ve mentioned in a past post our 70PG to 30VG formulation is the perfect balance of vapor production, throat hit and delivers great flavor. So using our e-liquids with our coils is your best bet for optimal performance out of your BC TubeTank. But if you do decide to try an e-liquid with a thicker formula, we recommend using a 2.5 ohm coil as the higher heat that it will produce will allow for the thicker fluid to be absorbed better.

Use a lower ohm coil also if you are the type to take a long and harder pull from your device. The lower resistance will be better at keeping up with the increased flow of juice to the wick.


BC TubeTank FAQs:


Why am I getting dry hits?

If you are using a new coil, you many not have primed it correctly.

Follow these steps for proper priming:

Make sure that your tank is properly filled (read here on how to properly fill your tank). Once it is filled and is back on your LAVATUBE, take a few dry pulls from your device (6-8) to properly prime it.

If you feel that you properly primed your coil already and are still getting dry pulls, you may have a faulty coil and need to switch to a new one. Are you using VOLCANO eliquid? If not, this may be the issue and you just have to switch to our 70/30 formulation to get the perfect vapor production.


Why is my device making gurgling and popping noises?

You may have some fluid under your drip tip. Clean out the fluid and check that your tank is not actually flooding. If you are still hearing noises, invert your device, press and hold the fire button and blow gently until the sound stops. Afterwards re-prime your tank.


Why is my tank flooding / leaking?

If your tank floods when it is low on fluid, you simply need to fill your tank with more fluid to equalize the pressure in the tank.

If your tank just seems to keep flooding even when it has been properly filled, check for leaks in the plastic of the tank itself, make sure the bottom of the tank is tightened completely. If it is still flooding you may need to replace your coil. If it is due to the plastic tank itself please contact us at 1-866-866-6370 and we will assist you from there.


Why can’t I seem to pull any vapor at all from my device?

Use your LAVATUBE to check the resistance of your coil, if its 0.0 (indicates a short) or 9.9 (not touching) it is not reading your tank or there may be a short.

If the above doesn't apply, next take your tank apart and check for any obstructions in airflow (blockage of the ports). You also may have some fluid build up at the 510 connection which will need to be cleaned off.

Read here on how to properly clean your BC TubeTank.

You should also check your tank’s fluid level, if your fluid is too low your coil can become oversaturated and may block airflow.


If we didn’t answer your question above:

Check out our Knowledge Base for more in-depth articles on how to properly care for your device and as always you can contact our customer service representatives at 1-866-866-6370 if you need any help or advice on any of our products.