How To Get A Heavy eLiquid Flavor Out Of Your TubeTank


The Flavor Flush:

A Guide To Get That Heavy eLiquid Flavor Out Of Your TubeTank


You have been vaping that awesome Red Hot Lava for the past week and decided that it is finally time to switch things up a bit. So you squeeze in some Butterscotch, take a couple of priming dry pulls and finally you press the firing button with a good pull then yuck –Butterscotch Hot Lava is what you taste! You’ve just been flavor ghosted by Red Hot Lava, in other words this “heavy” flavor is the type that can linger in your tank, which will mix with whatever other flavor you put in and that is not always a good thing.

Sometimes a good dry burn is all that you need to get a flavor out of your ecig tank. But for those particular heavy flavors that just latch on to your TubeTank here is an easy guide to get those flavor ghosts out of your tank so you can vape whatever you please without the risk of unintentional gross eliquid mixtures.


1. Make sure all of the remaining eliquid is out of your tank

- Take your tank off of your device. Next remove your drip tip and unscrew your TubeTank’s base (the same way you would if you were going to refill it) and onto a paper towel, tip out as much of any remaining eliquid that will come out.


2. Time for a good rinse

- Fill up your open ended tank well (NOTE: do not put water in a full closed tank, it will destroy your coil) with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and lukewarm water. Place your thumb over the opening and shake vigorously. Do this for a few seconds and afterwards dump the water out. You will notice that the water is a little cloudy.

- Do this step a few times until the water that you pour out is clear. 

3. Air it out

- You can blow through your tank to get as much of the water out as possible, afterwards use a q-tip or twisted up paper towel to dry the inside out. But if you are a patient person, you can also leave it over night to air dry.

4. Dry burn, baby burn

- We cleaned out the tank, so now its time to clean off the gunk that has built up on your coils. Cleaning off this layer of gunk is a great way to rejuvenate the flavor and vapor cloud production of your coils. To do this you will need to perform a Dry Burn.

- Now take your heating element (the coil portion that you screw onto your device) only, not attached to your tank yet and screw it onto your device. You should be able to look inside of the coil and actually see your coil.

- Press your activation button, you might hear a ‘pop’ and you will definitely hear some sizzling and some vapor will come up. This is the gunk build up being sizzling off your coil! Be careful and blow carefully into the coil while you are heating it to help clear the burning gunk off.

- Keep it activated until you see your coils glowing a bright orange. When it reaches this point that means all that gunk has finally been burned off and you are good to go!


5. Reassemble; prime it up and vape away!

- Put your TubeTank back together and put in your eliquid of choice and screw it back onto your device.

- Prime your coil with 5-7 dry pulls (short burst suction without pressing the activation button) you'll notice small bubbles coming out of the heating coil.

- Press the activation button, take a nice pull and there it is full flavor without any weird surprises!


**If you find that these methods don’t work, even after you have soaked your Tank (NOT the coil) overnight and dried overnight. At this point the only thing that you can do is switch out your old coil with a new one.


VOLCANO eLiquids with separation anxiety issues ;), known as “heavy flavors”:

Kona Coffee, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Butterscotch, Fruit Candies, Striped Gum, Menthol, Menthol Burst, Hawaiian Espresso, Choconilla Haze & Red Hot Lava