How To Rebut The Claim: Electronic Cigarettes ‘May Harm The Lungs & Immune System’:

How To Rebut The Claim: Electronic Cigarettes ‘May Harm The Lungs & Immune System’:


Another study on the ill effects that ecigarettes can present to a user has been published recently. This one claimed that experiments done to mice lead to the conclusion that ecigarette vapor could harm a user’s lungs and make them more susceptible to respiratory infections. Like the misleading claim of formaldehyde in ecigarettes, it garnered a lot of media coverage  once again in order to justify localities' strict regulations and bans.

According to Bernd Mayer, PhD a scientist in support of ecigs and factual evidence--no one would have given this much attention to this particular study, and no journal would have accepted the paper if the researchers had replaced “electronic cigarettes” with the word “nicotine”; As this is old news, scientists have known for decades that nicotine has anti-inflammatory effects associated with mild immune suppression in rodents.

Backed by years of research and many published papers, the anti-inflammatory effects of nicotine have been considered as useful for the therapy of infectious and inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory disorders of the brain, sepsis and also metabolic diseases along with cancer immunotherapy.

Though the research looks like something the public could count on, in actuality the immune function of rodents is not comparable to the immune functions of humans. At the moment there is no solid trace of evidence that nicotine replacement therapy, which has been used for years, is at all linked to impaired immune function in users.

There is no actual scientific reason to worry that nicotine consumption, whether it be by FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) or inhalation of vapor that contains nicotine from an ecigarette, might lead to immune suppression in its user.