New INFERNO TubeTank

The all new INFERNO BCT TubeTank.

This 1.8 ohm single coil bottom feeding tank is the culmination of over a year of design and R&D. We have designed a completely different type of bottom coil that vapes like no other bottom coil atomizer tank on the market. Combine the new Bottom coil head design with our FDA certified food grade plastic, this tank is ahead of the curve in safety, performance, and reliability.

 First is the base, which contains the heating coil and battery connection threads. The new base construction eliminates the need for external tank sleeves continuing the sleek design. Rounding out the tank is the drip tip that has been upgraded to come standard with a polished chrome finish. You can also accessorize your tube tank with any of our custom drip tips which are available on our accessories page online.

New INFERNO TubeTank

Next is the heating coil which is replaceable and self contained. The Kanthol coil and silica wick assembly sits in a ceramic cup and has non-resistive leads that connect to the power source. Moreover, the heads are enclosed in a chrome-plated brass housing that both protects the coil and wick, and regulates the E-liquid and air flow to provide the best possible flavor and vapor. The coil is also triple insulated to prevent any micro shorts. 


Filling up your tank has never been easier. Simply unscrew the base of the Tube Tank to expose the inner tank well. Next, fill the tank well with eliquid up to just about the end of the air shaft making sure not to drip any eliquid down the center shaft. A full tank will look like so. Lastly, reassemble the base of the Tube Tank by screwing it back together with the tank well. Make sure the seal is tight before use.

New INFERNO TubeTank

Once your BCT Tube tank is full and ready to use, simply attach it to any INFERNO battery and before activating the device, take 1 – 3 dry puffs to prime the device prior to use. After the Tube Tank has been primed, simply hold the activation button and take a long consistent pull for the best vapor production.

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