Care and Maintenance - BCT TubeTank

Need some assistance with your new INFERNO BCT TubeTank?  Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Why is my INFERNO BCT TubeTank leaking eliquid on to the connection or threads of my INFERNO Batteries?

 There could be a couple of reasons why this is happening so here are some things to check up on:

  • Make sure that the TubeTank BCT Heating Coil is tightly seated, or screwed down, to the BCT base. If the coil is loose on the base, e-liquid can leak on to the battery 510 connection/threads.
  • When refilling the tank, make sure to check that the semi-clear flat silica gasket that sits on the inside of the tank around the coil is still in place. If the gasket comes loose and falls out, liquid can leak out of the threading that connects the tank to the base.
  • Make sure not to over tighten the tank to the battery. Over tightening can cause the coil to come loose from the base, letting liquid out and onto the threading.


Why would my INFERNO BCT TubeTank be leaking eliquid from around the tank top or bottom where the plastic connects to the metal top/base?

Here are some tips to prevent this type of leaking:

  • Do not over tighten the tank. Over tightening will make the press fit FDA certified plastic to come loose from either the base or the BCT, or at the top were it connects to the metal.
  • Do not carry the assembled tank and battery in a tight pocket, or pouch. When carried in this manner, the tank can wiggle from side to side causing it to come loose and leak.
  • Do not over fill the tank Reservoir past the air channel opening. Over filling will force the extra E-liquid to leak into the air channel and cause flooding and gurgling.


My new INFERNO BCT TubeTank Coil replacement tastes burnt.  How do I fix that?

Here are some tips to prevent and possibly remedy the burnt taste:

  • Prime the tank with 3 “dry hits”, or pulling air through the tank WITHOUT activating the battery, before actually taking a vape on a new coil.
  • If, after the first prime, the coil seems dry or with out that much vapor or flavor repeat the priming a few times before continuing to vape.
  • Visually check the holes on the coil for blockage. Most heads will have some of the wick “poking” out of one or two holes. Other than the wicks, if the holes look blocked with a silica or rubber looking piece, take a paperclip and push the obstacle up and clear of the hole.


My INFERNO BCT TubeTank Coil has been working but after minimal use it now tastes burnt.  Is it broken?  How can I fix this?

Read through below to help with this issue:

  • Make sure that the coil is tightened all the way down to the base of the BCT tank. Loose coil connections can cause the OHMs of the heating element to be higher than what it actually is. This can cause the battery to not push enough voltage to the element and not vaporize the E-liquid as well as it should leaving behind a kind of concentrate that can taste burnt.
  • Refill the tank before it goes completely empty. There is only a small amount of room in-between the wall of the FDA certified Plastic and the coil. So the E-liquid flow can become “Vapor Locked” and stop the e-liquid flow, causing the Coil to burn.


With burnt taste issues being the most common, here are some other reasons you may be getting a burnt taste when vaping with your INFERNO BCT TubeTank:

The “burnt” taste can be coming from the nicotine level that is being vaped. Our design allows the Nicotine to be vaped more effectively than most heating elements. This being the case, what was a good level of nicotine is now to high and causing taste buds to react differently.

Air flow also plays an important role in whether or not heating elements burn. Vaping is a little different than smoking in that the harder you “draw” when vaping does not mean you will get more vapor. If to much air is being forced past the coils that heat the e-liquid, the coil will burn. Burning can also happen if not enough air is “drawn” through because there is not enough pressure being pulled through to bring in fresh E-liquid. So it is recommended that air be slowly and steadily drawn through the heating element to produce the best vaping experience, with out causing the element to burn.

In most cases the “burnt” taste can be cleared by re-priming the coil with 3-4 “dry vapes” or replacing the e-liquid with fresh e-liquid and re-primed.

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If you have any further questions in regards to your INFERNO BCT Tube Tank, please contact us for further assistance.  To view our INFERNO BCT TubeTank instructional video, click here >>.