Introducing the New & Improved LAVACELL 18650 LiMn Battery!


We Have Improved Our LAVACELL IMR 18650 LiMN!


What Makes Our Improved LAVACELL Better Than the Old One?


We basically just took our great battery and made it just a little better. We basically amped up our updated version of our LAVACELL, literally. We increased the mAh rating to 2800 instead of 2000 and the amperage output has moved up from 30 and is now at 35 amps.


What does this mean for your vape?


It now means that for your LAVATUBE v2.5, depending on your usage and your device output settings, one battery will now last you much longer than ever before.


LAVACELL 18650 Ultra High-Drain LiMn 2800mAh Battery Characteristics:


- Can be used with any 18650 capable e-cigarette, PV, or mechanical mod

- Features a recessed flat top (positive head) for better connection with the device pin

- Black wrap with red cross symbol


LAVACELL 2800mAh Specs:


Diameter: 18mm

Height: 65mm

Chemistry: Lithium Manganese (Safe chemistry)

Battery Type: 2800 mAh Lithium Manganese Ultra High Drain Battery

Output: 3.7 Volts / 35 Amps


Check out our LAVACELL 18650 Ultra High-Drain Battery here >.