Introducing VOLCANO Ultra-Port™ Saturation Heating Coil System


VOLCANO Ultra-Port™ Saturation Heating Coil System

An engineering achievement in the realms of vaping technology, VOLCANO’s Ultra-Port system is truly built for long-lasting performance. Our system has eight staggered portholes which enclose the single wrap silica wick assembly.

The heating coil is also coated and enclosed to prevent any micro-shorts during use. Our innovation has created the longest lasting heating element that also creates satisfyingly thick plumes of vapor for your enjoyment.

Our Ultra-Port system is rightfully named after the eight holes (ports) on the heating element capsules. These ports were engineered for a controlled transition between the e-liquid and the air that replaces the e-liquid in the TubeTank.

During the development of our system, our R&D department came to the conclusion that eight was the magic number. It created the perfect balance of pressure needed inside the heating element for perfect vapor production without the risk of flooding and the possibility of dry hits. It also optimized the release of air back into the tube for equalization.

What sets our Ultra-Port system apart from other tanks is the unique e-liquid delivery within the internal components. While other tanks use cotton to hold the e-liquid in place or just have the wick sitting in the tank collecting the liquid, our tank has the e-liquid contained in a small space inside the heating element which forces the fluid to travel through the silica wick assembly. 

This essentially traps the e-liquid without the cotton and so has removed the possibility of the cotton burning which in turn would destroy the heating element. Since the silica wick is not exposed and is also coated, it is safe from wear and tear during shipping or installation by the user.

Just a couple of tips during your use, if you feel your coil is not producing much vapor, dry burn your coil, then prep again before use. Dry-burning also works well if you want to change between flavors quickly.

So grab your LAVATUBE and your new BC TubeTank loaded with your favorite Mix of the Week and enjoy a long, slow and satisfying pull and vape the day’s stresses away.