Keep Your Batteries Safely Stored With Our New Battery Sleeve & Hard Case


Silicone 18650 Battery Sleeve & 26650 Battery Case Now Available


Battery safety is the most important aspect of vaping, even more important than the best tasting e-liquid, best performing wire or most absorbent wick that you’ve ever found. At VOLCANO, we always want to keep you on the safe side of your vaping and one way we can help you do so is by providing you with tools and accessories you can use with your vape supplies.

Check out the two new battery accessories that we have added to our stock. A silicone 18650-battery sleeve and a 26650-battery case where you can keep your batteries safely stored when not in use.

Remember, never keep loose batteries in a pocket or bag as they may touch a metallic item and puts them in a risk of accidental firing. Both of these cases are made to keep your batteries well protected from accidental firing especially if you are the type to throw batteries in a pocket or bag. They will also keep your batteries safe from damage in case of accidental drops.


Silicone Sleeve for Single 18650 Battery






Available for $1.99

*Battery sold separately 


- Constructed from strong & durable silicone

- Flexible, lightweight & portable

- Rugged & shock proof


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Hard Case for Single 26650 Battery




Available for $2.49


- Carries one 26650 Battery

- Made from ultra durable hard plastic

- Features a sturdy & dependable snap lock


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