LAVABOX DNA 200 1300 mAh Battery Extender



How to Install the LAVABOX DNA 200 1300 mAh Battery Extender


The LAVABOX 1300mAh Battery Extender Pack comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your LAVABOX 900mAh device into a true 1300mAh box mod. Take a look at the quick tutorial below so you can see just how easy the upgrade will be.



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The LAVABOX 1300 mAh Battery Extender Kit will include:

(1) 1300 mAh Fullymax Lithium Polymer Battery

(1) Extended Anodized Aluminum Back Plate

(1) Black Extended 1300 mAh LAVABOX Grip

(1) Set of Grip Screws 

(1) Set of Back Plate Screws

(1) Set of Battery Pads

(1) Mini Screwdriver