LAVATUBE Clone Wars:

Often Imitated - Never Duplicated

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery—but that doesn’t apply when companies are putting low quality knock-offs and clones of your original product on the market. Clones are not a new thing in the ecigarette industry or in any industry that has ever had a marketable original idea.

There are always manufacturers out there that will attempt to make money on a popularity of an object by producing a cheap knock off of the original. You are familiar with them, all of those fake Rolex watches, the cheap Louis Vuitton luggage, and the Burberry “fauxberry” clothing and accessories—imitators are everywhere.

Like these items, vape hardware and equipment have also been subject to the cheap imitations. The important point being is that these “clones” are never perfect copies of the original. The truth is that many of these clones, when examined closely have details that do not match up to the original—they are laser-engraved where it should have been etched, dots are placed where there are lines, the material it is made out of is lower quality than the authentic device.

For our products, it's the LAVATUBE that has been subjected to cloning, like other popular devices. VOLCANO launched the LAVATUBE in 2010 with variable voltage which was a huge feature at the time. After the industry began to mature and the prodcuts became more accepted - everyone started to print "lavatube" on their devices in hopes of gaining sales. Hence why you may see some of our origional body style devices being sold by third party distributors claiming they sell the LAVATUBE floating around the internet and some retail stores. 

We feel that if you are passionate about vaping, you are the type who will pay attention to details like functionality and aesthetic perfection.  And you know yourself that just because a product looks like the original, does not mean it will function like it.

Case in point the “Lavatubes” in the header image above. Those are all CLONES & Knock-offs.

Keep in mind that these clones will never perform as good as the original. If a user buys a LAVATUBE clone, it has been posted on many vaping forums that these copies are made out of plastic or inferior metal, there are firing issues, and button issues. Also, there have been reports of the caps breaking off easily from the top and bottom and even some 510 connectors just fall out.

Are these possible issues really worth the $10 you saved from buying the authentic device? 

When you buy from the original manufacturer, you will always have our guarantee that what you are buying is the real thing.  The LAVATUBE v2.5 with its perfectly machined aluminum body, upgraded chipset, and easy to navigate bright white and blue LCD display and many other state-of-the-art functions that you expect from a well made product.

You get what you pay for right? So think about when you buy a clone, just because it looks pretty on the outside does not mean it functions the same on the inside.

Be sure to ask your local vape shop if they are an authorized VOLCANO dealer or buy online only from