LAVATUBE Heating Elements: What's the Difference?


Now that you got your LAVATUBE v2.5 Starter Kit, we know you mean business!

There's no turning back after vaping with one of our most powerful ecig devices although you'll be a little curious as to what other heating elements you can pair with your new LAVATUBE. Fear not, VOLCANO eCigs has your back. Quench your curiousity and see what other heating elements are compatible with your powerhouse sidekick. Who says there's only one way to vape!


Tube Tanks


The TubeTank comes as a complete setup that utilize a plastic tube that houses a classic cotton polyfil cartomizer that has a hole punched into it to allow eliquid being held in the outer tube to continually feed the cartomizer. This keeps the heating element and wick completely saturated.

Filling Instructions:

To fill your TubeTank, it takes very low effort. Watch the instructional video on filling the Tube Tank to see just how easy it is.

Pro Tips:

Due to the anatomy of the TubeTank, you'll need to handle it with caution. Please take in to consideration the following warnings to prevent any damages and spills:

Do not place too much pressure on the tube area of the TubeTank. This will prevent cracking or any other damages to the tube of your Tube Tank.

Do not over twist when attaching it to a battery or device. This will prevent any threading damage to your TubeTank.

Do not pick-up your eCig by the Tube Tank. Always be sure to pick your ecig up by the battery or device end. This will prevent the tube from completely sliding off and you losing all of the eliquid in your TubeTank.

Keep your ecigarette standing up versus lying down on its side. This will prevent leaking.

Overall Performance:

Overall, the Tube Tank is one of the most convenient heating elements currently compatible with The LAVATUBE v2.5 with the options of a 4ml or 7ml tank resulting in less time filling. For more details, tips and tricks on the Tube Tank check out our Tube Tank Information section of our Knowledge Base.


2.5 atty


The 2.5 ohm Atomizers are constructed with a protective casing around the atomizer bridge. When received with the black plastic cover it can be mistaken for a cartomizer. There is no cotton polyfill or eliquid reservoir.

Filling Instructions:

Since atomizers do not have an eliquid reservoir, they are not filled. When using an atomizer you do what is called dripping only after your atomizer has been properly primed (if new and unused). For proper instructions on priming your atomizer, dripping and more basic information on the atomizer, check out the following links to our Knowledge Base:

For instructions on priming your atomizer, click here >

For instructions on dripping, click here >

For more basic information on the atomizer, click here >

Pro Tips:

To prevent any unnecessary damages and leaking, please take in to consideration the following warnings and recommendations:

Make sure to regularly clean your atomizer. This will prevent leaking, clogging and unwanted tastes. Click here for atomizer cleaning instructions >

Use a Drip Tip when vaping with the 2.5 ohm Atomizer. This will prevent direct contact with your heating element.

Overall Performance:

If you are someone that is always on the go, this will not be the best option for you. With the atomizer not having an eliquid reservoir, you will need to have a bottle of eliquid on hand at all times to drip. Although using an atomizer is the least convenient, it does have one of the best flavors and will provide a good to high amount of vapor production if you are properly using it.  It is also easy to maintain and can be replaced at a low cost.

For more details and tips on the atomizer, check out the Atomizer Information section of our Knowledge Base.