LAVATUBE Version 2

Volcano Electronic Fine Cigarettes is proud to announce the official product release of the new LAVATUBE Version 2.

Made entirely from high-grade thick aluminum alloy, the new device is noticeably lighter than the original chrome LAVATUBE. In addition, the Version 2 device unscrews in half making access to the battery easily accessible and eliminates the original end caps. The new LAVATUBE has combined its on/off button and activation button into one larger smooth clicking button that is also recessed to protect against misfires.

The all-new LAVATUBE Version 2 comes in a wide range of colors that match perfectly with the existing line of anodized aluminum drip tips offered by In addition, the body of the device has an engraved dot matrix pattern and LAVATUBE logo providing extra texture for improved gripping and support.

The original battery spring has been replaced with a heat coil spring, which protects against battery issues and failures. The LAVATUBE Version 2 has also upgraded the LCD screen to a bright blue display making it easier to read. The number of buttons has been scaled down from 4 to 3 by combining the power button and the activation button.

Two small buttons located on the front of the device increase and decrease voltage in .1 increments allowing its users total control of power. The top of the LAVATUBE Version 2 includes the 510-threaded connection that is compatible with a wide selection of heating elements.

Lastly, the maximum current draw was increased to 3 amps and the new device now features an advanced pulse width modulation power output that is tuned to RMS settings. The LAVATUBE Version 2 can be purchased here or at any Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette retail locations.