Mech Mod Building Classes Now Available at VOLCANO Cafe Locations


Beginner & Advanced Mech Mod Building Classes Now Available At VOLCANO


Welcome to the world of advanced vaping where you can move beyond regulated e-cigarettes and try something a little more powerful. At VOLCANO, we want you to give mechanical mod and RBA building a try but with well-trained personnel who will teach you all of the ins and outs of rebuilding with your safety in mind.


What exactly is a mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is a simple device that allows the direct power of a battery straight to the atomizer coil build. Mech mods do not contain any circuitry, wires, regulating chips or output screens.


Why would you want one?

Maybe you want a vape that is a little more powerful and one that you can make to suit your exact needs. Or maybe you want to try your hand at sub-ohm vaping for better cloud production or you just want to see what all the hype is about.

There are many reasons someone may want to try their hands at building a mechanical mod, but most don’t know where to start. That is where we can step in and lend a helping hand. We will be holding classes at our café locations starting on May 30, 2015 every Saturday and Sunday.

During the weekend our cafes will be holding both beginners and advanced mech mod building classes. Mech Mod Building 101 is the beginner’s course where you will learn about every component of a mech mod and RBA. We will also introduce you to Ohm’s Law, battery safety, how to wrap coils, test your coils and properly prime and wick.

While the Advanced Builders course will teach vaping enthusiasts who already know a thing or two about building can add more to their knowledge. Advanced Builders will teach vapers how to build all sorts of different coils like Clapton Coils, Twisted Coils, Chain Link coil, Stove Top and much more. This course will also teach modders how these types of coils affect the type of vape their mods produce.

So don’t allow your doubt on rebuilding mods and RBAs steer you away from a new and different satisfying vape. Or even if you already know the basics of building but want to add something more to your knowledge on coil builds, our well-trained staff will help get you to where you want to be in your vape game.

Time & Location:

Saturday & Sunday
Ewa Beach Vapor Cafe - (808) 689-0096
Beginners Class: 10am - 12pm
Advanced Class: 1pm - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday
Kapahulu Vapor Cafe - (808) 734-0914
Beginners Class: 11am - 1pm
Advanced Class: 2pm - 4pm

Saturday & Sunday
Wahiawa Vapor Cafe - (808) 622-2096
Beginners Class: 12pm - 2 pm
Advanced Class: 3pm - 5pm

Sunday Only
Hilo VOLCANO eCigs - (808) 688-4454
Beginners Class: 1pm - 2pm

Sunday Only
Kahului VOLCANO eCigs - (808) 688-4425
Beginners Class: 1pm - 2pm