Mech Mods 101: The Differences Between An Ego-Style, Regulated APV & Mech Mod


Mech Mods 101: The Differences Between An Ego-Style, Regulated APV & Mech Mod


Nowadays there are many different types of electronic cigarette devices that are available to the consumer. They come in a variety of forms and sizes and are designed with features that can satisfy any vaper. If you are new to vaping world or even an intermediate user, choosing or upgrading may be a little intimidating because of the many varying features each type of device can offer. Take a look at the most common types of e-cig devices on the market and find out which best fits the type of vape you are looking for.


INFERNO – The Ego-Style:


The ego-style electronic cigarette was the first step-up from the cig-a-like e-cigs and is perfect for the beginner or intermediate vaper. They are light and very portable, about the size of a Sharpie marker and can provide long-lasting battery power and definitely much more vapor than a cig-a-like. Like our INFERNO’s Tube Tank BCT, ego-style e-cigs require a tank setup, which can hold a day’s worth of e-liquid without needing to refill throughout the day.


Breakdown of Parts:


- Drip tip

- Tube Tank BCT setup with 1.8 ohm coil

- 650 mAh or 900 mAh Battery with activation button




- Portable & small (about the size of a Sharpie marker)

- Tank setup can hold a day’s worth of e-liquid with constantly refilling

- Battery can last a user up to 15 hours on one charge

- Reasonably priced

- Vapor production can satisfy most smokers (pack-a-day)




- A lot larger & heavier than a cig-a-like

- Manually operated by pressing activation button

- Performance is not customizable


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LAVATUBE 3 – The Regulated Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV):


The regulated advanced personal vaporizer is the perfect device to give a user a powerful and satisfying vape experience without added guesswork. The APV is normally tube shaped, box types are also now available and both of these models typically take 18650 batteries. Like the LAVATUBE 3, APV’s feature a large display screen that shows the ohm resistance of the tank used, wattage setting, voltage, battery life and much more. Devices like the LAVATUBE 3 are equipped with the DNA 40 chip, which has temperature control capabilities when used with pure nickel coils, for an innovative vape experience that is powerful and satisfying.


Breakdown of Parts:


- 510-connection with adjustable connection pin to accommodate any RBA or tank setup

- Top cap with air holes to allow more airflow into the RBA used

- Large OLED display

- 3 button setup for precision control of settings & activation

- Interchangeable rubber grip for added personalization

- 4 machined vent holes for added battery safety




- Incredible vapor production & performance

- Extended battery life in comparison to an ego-style e-cig device

- Solid construction & Dependable

- Adjustable settings allow for full customization of experience




- Much pricier than ego-style devices

- Requires a separate tank or RBA system to use

- Heavier & much bigger than ego-style devices


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TEPHRA & PELE – The Unregulated Mechanical Mod


The unregulated mechanical mod is the most advanced vaping model that a user can get. Vapers tend to make the upgrade to these systems when they are on the lookout for a more powerful vaping experience that can produce robust flavor and huge clouds.  Mechanical mods require A LOT of research on the vaper’s part and are recommended for use only by advanced vapers. As the user needs to know how Ohm’s Law relates to their battery and RBA coil build.

This is because a mechanical mod like the TEPHRA models or the PELE are vaping devices in their simplest forms. They are really only metal tubes with an activation button and no electronics to regulate the pull of power from the battery. Unlike regulated APV’s which have built in safety mechanisms to prevent the user from pulling too much power from the battery that they are using.

The PELE and the TEPHRA, like all unregulated mods feature solid metal construction, mostly machined out of stainless steel, although there are brass and copper models that are available.


Learn more about the PELE & TEPHRA Mechanical Mods


Breakdown of Parts:


- Top cap with machined air holes for increased airflow to the RBA being used

- Universal 510-connection with adjustable pin for easy use with any RBA

- Stainless steel solid construction single piece body

- Bottom cap with recessed activation button and vent hole for battery safety




- Unbelievable vapor production & robust flavor

- Performance is very customizable to the user’s preferences

- Long lasting and dependable

- Sub-ohm capable & can be used with any RBA




- For advanced vapers only

- Requires a lot of research on the user’s part in order to stay in the safe operating capabilities of their mod & battery

- Can use up battery power much quicker than regulated devices

- Has no electronics to guard against battery failure