Mech Mods 101: What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Mech Mods 101: What Is Sub Ohm Vaping & Why Is It Becoming So Popular?


Regulated e-cigs are everywhere nowadays, but it seems the underground world of sub-ohm vaping is beginning to surface especially with the appearance of innovative sub ohm tanks that allow users to sub ohm vape without having to build their own coils. But before you decide that sub ohm vaping is something that you want to try, get acquainted with its in’s and outs before diving in.


What is Sub Ohm Vaping Anyway?


In the simplest of terms, if you vape with a device that has a coil resistance that is below 1 ohm, you are techinically sub ohm vaping. But why would you need to go below 1 ohm if your devices previous to the sub ohm device produced a satisfying amount of vapor for you? Take a look at Ohm’s Law and get familiar with its principles as it is the first thing you need to understand even before you decide to take a shot at vaping at a rate below 1 ohm.

In Ohm’s Law, if you lower the ohm rating (resistance - R) of your atomizer, it will increase the power output (watts - I) of your device and will generate more vapor. If you use an unregulated mechanical mod, which have a fixed voltage, the only way that you can increase the power and vapor output of your device is by lowering your coils’ resistance. This is how sub-ohm vaping came to be.

It is very important to point out that when resistance is lowered on a device, the more amperage is needed. This will cause your battery and coil to generate a lot more heat. If you are serious about trying your hand at sub-ohm vaping, you should NEVER go over the amp limit of your batteries as doing so can lead to serious battery failure very quickly. You need to have a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law and how electronics work before diving into rebuildable atomizers and coil building. Learn about the importance of understanding Ohm’s Law for a safe vape.


How is Sub Ohm Vaping Different From Regulated Vaping?


Since mech mod users can build their own coils to a low resistance, sub ohm builds can increase a device’s power output and vapor production quite dramatically. The photos that you’ve seen online are accurate.

With the right build and appropriate battery, sub ohm vapers can create massive clouds of vapor with every pull. These types of vapers have been known to create such huge clouds and have gained popularity in the vaping industry that they basically have built their own sub-culture called cloud-chasing.


Features of Sub Ohm Vaping:


Massive vapor production

Bigger wick and coil setups uses more battery life to spread heat over a larger surface area that vaporizes the e-liquid. This causes much more vapor to be produced with each pull, which when coupled with a huge lung capacity turns into the enormous clouds that cloud-chasers can produce.


Better flavor reproduction

This is more dependent on the type of wick and coil that the vaper uses, but it is well known that if done right, a user can fine-tune their build to produce better and strong flavor.

What wick or wire is right for your vape?


Reduces battery life due to higher amp draw

More power needed means a shorter lifespan for your batteries. But this isn’t a bad thing. Just make sure that you purchase high quality batteries, take good care of them, use them in rotation and keep a few (in a battery case) with you when on the go.


More warmth

Because the resistance of the coil is lower and uses more power, this equals more heat that gets pulled off of the build. A lot of vapers enjoy the warmer vape produced by sub ohm coils as they feel it reminds them of their old cigarette.


Is Sub Ohm Vaping Right For You?


Sub ohm vaping can be a very enjoyable hobby, but due to its complexity and the amount of research a person should do before attempting it, it isn’t for everyone. If you are happy with your current setup and feel satisfied with its vapor production you don’t need to make the upgrade to rebuildables. But if you are curious about all of the hype, just make sure that you do your research first.

But there is still a way for you to try sub ohm vaping without the need for rebuilding or the hassle of mechanical mods. The vaping world has come a long way and now regulated devices that are sub ohm capable are becoming more popular. Sub ohm tanks like the Tube Tank Pro with pre-built sub ohm coils are the perfect place to start. Couple it with a regulated device like the LAVATUBE 3 with the DNA 40 chip, crank up the wattage and you’ll be puffing on huge clouds of vapor in no time.



Disclaimer: Modding and rebuilding atomizers is an enjoyable hobby, but it is not made for everyone and is only suggested for advanced vapers. If you have not done the proper research on Ohm’s Law or do not know the basic principles of how electrical parts work, please do not build. Be responsible and put in the necessary research first. Build and sub-ohm vape at your own risk.