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Congratulations, you'll soon be vaping on your NEW LAVATUBE BC TubeTank System!


The LAVATUBE BC TubeTank System

The LAVATUBE BC TubeTank is equipped with a 3.5Ω coil out of the box. However, you can modify and enhance your vaping experience to your tastes with replacement coils available in your choice of 1.8, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5Ω. The threading is a universal 510 connection so the tank can be used across all devices.

The LAVATUBE BC TubeTank comes standard with a polished stainless steel drip tip, which is removable so you can customize your new tank to compliment your personality. Check out our drip tip collection here.

Outfitted with VOLCANO’s signature Ultra-Port™ saturation system, our exclusive heating coil technology is built for long-lasting performance. The Ultra-Port™ system has eight staggered portholes, which surround the single wrap, silica wick assembly.

The heating coils are also coated and enclosed to prevent any micro-shorts during use. Ultra-Port™ innovation has resulted in the longest lasting heating element that creates thick voluminous clouds of vapor.

To allow for better airflow, the heating base has been rebuilt with optimized intake ports to enable the user full vapor production and allowance of smooth and consistent pulls. Fully filled, the tank can hold up to 3.5ml of eliquid, it’s constructed from food-grade plastic, which is built to withstand the chemical make-up of eliquids that could breakdown other tanks.

The sleek two-piece tank design allows for quick and easy cleaning and ends with a smooth machine threaded cap for better grip and handling. Check out our eliquids here.

Filling your new BC TubeTank is quite easy. Unscrew the base of the tank by twisting the threaded cap; next fill the tank well with the eliquid flavor of your choice to the end of the airshaft. When doing so, make sure that you do not drip any liquid into the center of the airshaft. Afterwards, reassemble the TubeTank by twisting the base bank onto the tank well; making sure that your seal is tight.

Attach it to your LAVATUBE, be sure to take a few dry puffs to prime the wick inside the heating coil. You’ll see the bubbles from the coil start to exit out the portholes. Prime the tank until the majority of the bubbles are no longer releasing from the coil.

The best draw on the new LAVATUBE BC TubeTank is a slow long pull. The coils do all the work, making the use of the BC TubeTank effortless. Excessive drawing or trying to pull to hard from the tank may result in flooding.

We hope that you enjoy the new BC TubeTank and look forward to your reviews. Vape on!