Meet the Staff: Hina

We want all of our customers to walk out of our locations having experienced quality customer service and an overall great experience.

But how do we ensure that all of our staff is properly trained to do so? Meet Hina. She started out as a Sales Associate at our Wahiawa Vapor Lounge & Café and worked her way up to our Lead Staff Trainer with her amazing customer service skills and great ability to train others to exude just that. 

Why did you apply for a position at VOLCANO eCigs?

Although I was currently employed at Ala Moana as a Sales Associate in a nearby store, my main goal was to work for VOLCANO eCigs. So, I walked up to the Ala Moana kiosk and asked how I could apply. They gave me the info on applying, I applied and got hired!

Was it hard for you to make the switch?

I smoked 1 – 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes a day for 6 years prior to working for VOLCANO eCigs. I got my first ecigarette starter kit the day I started working for VOLCANO eCigs and by the end of the day made the switch to exclusively vaping! So to answer the question, it was extremely easy. View all Starter Kit options >

What’s different about working at VOLCANO eCigs versus any other job you’ve had?

A lot actually. I’ve developed amazing friendships with the people I work with, I’m excited to come to work on a daily basis and don’t ever want to leave! VOLCANO eCigs is like a big Ohana (family) where like Stitch says, “No one gets left behind.” Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand regardless of the job and it’s common to see employees hanging out at the café instead of running away after their shifts.

Since working with VOLCANO eCigs, what changes have you seen within the company?

Within the year I’ve been with VOLCANO eCigs, I’ve seen many change from operations to the products we offer but the changes that pop out the most would have to be our growth in retail locations, our product quality and development and also that there are always new opportunities.

What was your most rewarding moment?

Although being able to help people make the switch to vaping and becoming so much more knowledgeable with eCigs are very rewarding, I would have to say that my most rewarding moment was when I was promoted to Lead Staff Trainer. It felt honored to know that my work is appreciated.

What’s your go to ecigarette set-up and eliquid?

I love my LAVATUBE v2.5 ecig device and Tube Tank filled with Halawa Guava! No matter what other device or eliquid I use I always come back to this. View all 15 ml bottles of eliquid > View all 30 ml bottles of eliquid >

In your opinion, what makes VOLCANO eCigs standout amongst the crowd?

We are a local company that stands by our product and we genuinely love our customers. A lot of customers are surprised to find that VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes is a company based in Hawaii and created by 2 local guys. But they keep coming back because we stand by the quality of our product and genuinely want to help everyone that walks through our doors.

Learn a little more about VOLCANO eCigs on our About Us page >

In 3 words, describe working with VOLCANO eCigs.

Exciting – Rewarding - Dream