Meet the Staff - James

Meet the staff - James

If you have ever called our Customer Service phone line, chances are you have talked with our Online Customer Service Manager, James Phillips.

James has been a VOLCANO eCigs employee for almost 2 years now and a fan of the product for even longer.  With the love for the product and passion to help others, James found himself in the perfect position. Get to know the man on the other side of the phone.

How did you start vaping?

Well, my mom needed an alternative to smoking because she was going to get a bypass. That's when we started looking. We found another ecig company and purchased from them. About a month later we found VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes where we (my mom and I) got our INFERNO Kits and never looked back.

How long has it been since you've had an analog?

For both my mom and I, it has been 2 1/2 years.

Since working with VOLCANO eCigs, what changes have you seen within the company?

Growth! VOLCANO eCigs has grown tremendously since I started in all areas. Regardless of how much the company grew, we were still able to keep that small business Ohana feel.

What was your most rewarding moment?

Honestly, there have been so much for me while working in the Customer Service Department. My favorite moments would be when I am able to make that upset customer happy by the end of the call just by giving them the guidance they need to fixing their issue.

In your own words, what would you say customers enjoy most about VOLCANO eCigs Customer Service?

I think that our customers enjoy and appreciate our extended efforts in resolving their issues as well as our understanding of what they are going through with being vapers ourselves.

What is your current set-up?

Although I enjoy Mods & Variable Voltage & Wattage devices, I have fallen in love with the performance of the INFERNO with the INFERNO BCT TubeTank. Even with having a hand in the development of the INFERNO BCT TubeTank, I can say unbiased that it provides the best flavor and volume of vapor that I have experienced in any other INFERNO system.

What VOLCANO eLiquid do you always go back to?

I find myself going back to both Jungle Fruit (Flavor of the Week) and Shaka Strawberry. The flavor of our Jungle Fruit eLiquid is almost spot on with on of my favorite gums and the Shaka Strawberry eLiquid flavor reminds me of these little strawberry candies my grandmother would give us when we came over to visit her. View all 15ml bottles of eLiquid > | View all 30ml bottles of eLiquid >

Any juicy perks you can tell us about?

Oh yes! I get to test out all the new eLiquid flavors and products.

Where do you see/hope the future of the ecigarette industry going?

I see the ecigarette industry growing and evolving as well as educating people more about the products.

What do you see happening to VOLCANO?

I see VOLCANO continuing it’s growth. I also can see VOLCANO taking a lead in fighting for our rights, as Vapers, to continue to use ecig products as a smoking alternative.

In 3 words or less, describe working with VOLCANO eCigs.

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