Meet the Staff - Joe

Meet the Staff - Joe

How did you first hear about VOLCANO eCigs?

I actually heard about VOLCANO eCigs from a couple of friends that had made the switch to vaping. I also knew some of the employees at the Pearlridge kiosk that always raved about how they loved working for VOLCANO eCigs. Soon enough, my friend told me there was an opening at the Pearlridge kiosk so I applied right away and got the position!

As a new Vaper, how was the learning curve for the ecigarette?

Being a cook prior to working with VOLCANO, I was a bit intimidated with all of the different products. But starting at the Pearlridge kiosk, one of our busiest locations at the time, I was thrown into the fire so to say, which actually helped me learn about the products very quickly. It also helped that all of our products are beginner friendly.

Since you are now a confirmed Vapeaholic, how do you rock your vape?

I usually switch between my many colors of LAVATUBEs throughout the week matched with one of my many drip tips. But during football season I make sure I rep my team’s colors – green and yellow. Go Packers!

Since being with VOLCANO for about 3 years, have you become a licensed Mixologist yet?

I’m not licensed but have been known to create some amazing concoctions. My personal favorite would have to be a flavor mixture of Pearadise, Lolo Lime and Shaka Strawberry. I’m thinking about naming it Stra-lolo-dise.

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Off the clock, do you find yourself sharing your experience with vaping and helping others make the switch?

All the time. Since working here, I’ve seen countless positive outcomes of people making the switch and have even had people come in just to hug us. It’s hard not to help or share. I’ve even helped just about my whole family make the switch to vaping too!

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What has been your most rewarding moment so far?

Although there have been a ton, I would have to say my most rewarding moment was when I became the first ever employee to receive the award as the Top Salesman in the company.

What about VOLCANO eCigs has kept you here as an employee so long?

Starting as a Sales Associate about 3 years ago and now being the Manager of the VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Café in Ewa, I’ve grown a lot as an individual and learned so much. Much more than a pay raise or bonus, VOLCANO has given me self-development, as well as some awesome relationships along the way. I’m happy to come into work everyday not only because of the VOLCANO Ohana I work with, but also because I feel very accomplished at the end of everyday.

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Describe, in 3 words, working with VOLCANO eCigs.

Rewarding – Driven - Inspiring