Meet the Staff - John

Meet the Staff - John

Our dedication to innovation is our passion. Crafting new products and providing the industry with performance breakthroughs and quality standards requires the right people.

Luckily for us, our staff is one of a kind. Let's meet some of the brains behind the VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes Research and Development team. 

How did you start vaping?

My wife and I were looking for a smoking alternative to use while traveling to California and while spending time with our family there. Although it was not our intentions to quit or continue to use an eCig, we did and both quit within months!

How long has it been since you've had an analog?

For me it has been 1 year and 3 months.

Since working with VOLCANO eCigs, what changes have you seen within the company?

There has been tremendous growth throughout the whole company. Everything from the products moving from mainstream to specialty to growth and organization within the company.

What was your most rewarding moment?

Although I have had a lot of rewarding moments working in the Customer Service Department, RMA Department and the Product Development Department, my most rewarding moment was seeing an idea straight from our company transform into an amazing product on shelves and loved by many.  Not only was it something I truly felt out performed anything else sold in a beginners starter kit but we are all very proud of it and use it daily ourselves! And the great reviews from well known online eCig reviewers helped that moment become even more rewarding.

What does it take to be a Product Development Specialist?

As a Product Development Specialist, my job is to find out what our customers want, do research as to how and if we can develop what the customers want and work directly with my team turn our idea into a safe, functional and quality product. We are constantly reviewing our products, identifying improvements and their causes and finding solutions through research and testing.  Although I have had my fair share of frustrating situations, this job has fueled my passion for vaping. With that being said, passion for the industry, patience, attention to detail and creativity is needed.

In your own words, what would you say customers enjoy most about VOLCANO eCigs?

As a customer turned employee, I think customers appreciate that we have moved away from the norm of the ecigarette industry and are putting something different on the shelf. We do also have one of the best warranties in the ecigarette industry.

What is your current ecigarette set-up?

I am currently using The INFERNO battery and INFERNO BCT TubeTank set up because it has the cleanest and most flavorful taste you can get in a smaller and compact ecigarette.

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What VOLCANO eLiquid do you always go back to?

My all time favorite VOLCANO eliquid would have to be Sweet Tart not only because it is great but also because it's spot on to the candy Sweet Tarts. Perfect for my sweet tooth. 

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Any juicy perks you can tell us about?

The biggest perk for me would have to be all the time VOLCANO has given me to further my education as a Product Development Specialist and therefore develop in my current position. Not only is this benefiting my position but I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Where do you see/hope the future of the electronic cigarette industry going?

I'd like to see all vendors adopt strict quality manufacturing proceeders and an elevated standard. We put a lot of effort into ensuring all our devices and eliquid are the best that can be produced. We also want to keep pushing the envelope for innovation. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a VOLCANO eCigs device designed here in Hawaii leave our doors into the market. I enjoy seeing all the feedback from our customers and most of all, all the vapor. 

What do you see happening to VOLCANO?

With VOLCANO already keeping up with all of the bills and laws in regards to ecigarette production and eCig use, I see us positioning to become a pioneer and forerunner of the e-cigarette industry as it grows over time.

In 3 words or less, describe working with VOLCANO eCigs.

Exciting - Challenging - Evolving