Meet the Staff - Kelli


Our selection of eCigarette Starter Kits and accessories has grown tremendously since we started in 2009 to fit the needs of all types of Vapers. Everything from electronic cigarette devices to the colorful accessories and eliquid flavors you use with them.

With all of these amazing choices of ecig devices and accessories, we needed an organized and driven individual who strived for perfection to help control our wide variety of products. Meet Kelli. With her love for numbers and detail, she worked her way from a Sales Associate to our Inventory Count Specialist within the 2 years she has been with us.

Prior to becoming an employee with VOLCANO eCigs, how did you hear of the company?

On a normal basis, I would drive by the Kapahulu VOLCANO Vapor Café & Lounge. I was very curious as to what this café was all about and always wanted to check it out. I did finally have the chance when I came in for my interview.

Why did you apply for a position at VOLCANO eCigs?

Although I was already an ex smoker by the time I applied for a position at VOLCANO eCigs, I was and still am in support of anyone trying to find an alternative. With a lot of my friends being smokers, I was more than eager to find an alternative for all of them. In the midst of all of this, I happened to see a job posting for a Sales Associate at the Kapahulu VOLCANO Vapor Café & Lounge. I got extremely excited because I had been so intrigued by this place every time I drove by and immediately applied. Within the week, I became apart of the VOLCANO eCigs Ohana.

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What’s your favorite ecigarette device and eliquid?

I have fallen in love with our newly released INFERNO BCT Tank System! So to answer your questions, my favorite ecig would be the INFERNO with the INFERNO BC TubeTank along with my all time favorite Cotton Candy eliquid. Such great flavor and vapor production!

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Being a new Vaper, was it difficult to learn the in’s and out’s of the ecig?

Not at all, our ecig devices look like they would be difficult to use but they are very user friendly. I was able to learn how to properly use the products and maintain them very quickly. Although being new to vaping, I took a little longer learning the terminology used in the Vaping Community.

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What keeps you excited about working for VOLCANO eCigs?

I love that there has never been a dull moment within the 2+ years I’ve worked for VOLCANO eCigs. With starting as a Sales Associate, being promoted to a Store Manager and then taking the position as the Inventory Count Specialist, I have seen and experienced many sides of the company. We’re always looking for ways to make current policies, products, and services better to enhance the experience of our customers. It may be hard to believe that I can be excited about being an Inventory Count Specialist but I love to keep things organized and in order.

What is it like to be a VOLCANO eCigs employee?

As an employee, I truly feel like I am a part of the company versus working for the company. Instead of doing what is expected of me, I strive to do more and do it better because I feel appreciated. Since working for VOLCANO eCigs, I’ve developed lifetime friendships and experiences that I’m sure I would never have had the chance to have otherwise. If you ask any employee to sum up how it feels to work here, they would all say Ohana.

In 3 words, describe working with VOLCANO eCigs?

Opportunity – Euphoric - Ohana