Meet the Staff - Sadie

MTS Sadie

Being a loyal customer for about a year, Sadie saw that VOLCANO eCigs was more than an e-cigarette manufacturer but also a way of life. She made it a point to be apart of this lifestyle and is now one of our dedicated and hard-working Managers helping others make the switch on a daily basis. With her own experience of making the switch unexpectedly, she finds joy in helping others do the same. Get to know Sadie a little more as we go one on one with her and chat about her adventure so far with VOLCANO eCigs.

As a customer turned employee, what enticed you to apply at VOLCANO eCigs?

There are many reasons why I applied here at VOLCANO eCigs but only two that pushed me to do so. First, I already was using and fell in love with the products specifically from VOLCANO eCigs.  The products have great quality and the performance is top notch. Second, I wanted to help other people make the switch to vaping.

How was your transition when making the switch to vaping as a customer?

I was actually a hardcore smoker that smoked about 1-½ packs of traditional cigarettes a day and wasn’t looking for an alternative. My brother-in-law convinced me to try it and the rest is history.

The transition was a lot smoother than I thought which surprised me seeing that I wasn’t even looking to make the switch. Within a week I completely weaned myself off of analog cigarettes, which saved me a lot of money.

Now that there are more e-cig companies within the eCig Industry, what makes VOLCANO eCigs stick out of the crowd?

Our customer service tops all other companies out there. We have free maintenance checks, our in-store eliquid sampling is sanitary and our battery warranty is better than most.

What is your most rewarding moment so far?

About a year ago, a group of 4 people came into the Kapahulu Café while I was working as the Sales Associate, 2 of them were brother and sister. All 4 of them were coming to find out more about our product and hopefully start their journey to making the switch together. But the sister was very hesitant which almost caused the whole group to walk out before even starting. They all ended up leaving with their own LAVATUBE’s and a year later, even after half of them relocated, they have become regulars at the café and to our online store—all happy they didn’t walk out empty handed that day.

Being an employee for more than a year and many more to come, what has kept you happy as an employee of VOLCANO e-Cigs?

What keeps me happy and always striving to do my best would have to be the appreciation. I always feel appreciated whether it is from my fellow employees, direct supervisor or the owners of the company.

In 3 words, describe your overall experience with VOLCANO eCigs

Joy ~ Appreciation ~ Revolutionary