Meet the Staff - Scottie


Customer service is one of our number one priorities. Whether you're a customer calling in to our CS Team or walking in to one of our many locations- we always want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Meet Scottie. He started out as a Sales Associate and worked his way up to the Manager at our Windward Mall on the island of Oahu. Get to know a little more about Scottie and his journey with VOLCANO eCigs so far. 

How did you start vaping?

I actually did not start vaping until my first day of work with VOLCANO eCigs on March 5th of 2012. And to my surprise, I made the switch immediately and never looked back! The fact that I had been smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years prior baffled me and just heightened my passion for eCigs and sharing as well as helping people make the switch for themselves or their loved ones.

Since working with VOLCANO eCigs, what changes have you seen within the company?

Throughout my two years with VOLCANO, I have seen the entire company evolve. Everything from the tools we use in daily operations to the professionalism of the company as a whole has morphed into such a functional yet enjoyable environment with that same Ohana feeling I had when I first started.

What was your most rewarding moment?

While I was working at the kiosk one day, a man's daughter came up to me and asked me about our product. She continued to ask me a few questions and also told me that she wanted her dad to make the switch. After I answered all of her questions, she walked away. Two years later this same girl and her father came back to thank us because he had at that point made the switch to vaping.

In your own words, what would you say customers enjoy most about VOLCANO eCigs?

I believe our customers enjoy the fact that we remember them when they come back, that they learn something new every time they stop by and also because we genuinely want to help them with whatever it is they need help with at the moment.

What is your current ecigarette set-up?

Although I enjoy and use all of the products VOLCANO has to offer, my favorite set-up is our LAVATUBE v2.5 with our 7ml Tube Tank. I just really like the flavor I get from this set-up and also like cartomizers.

What VOLCANO eLiquid are you vaping right now?

I actually created an eliquid mix of my own called Fruit Suicide. It includes Hula Punch, Pele’s Papaya, Pearadise, Shaka Strawberry, Halawa Guava, Maui Mango, Kawika’s Kiwi and Mauna Dew all portioned to taste.

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What are the highlights of working for VOLCANO eCigs?

One of the biggest highlights about working with VOLCANO eCigs would have to be that I, as an employee, feel appreciated.  It’s nice to know that if I had a suggestion in regards to the company’s operation or products, I could actually talk to the owners who would take me seriously and consider my suggestion instead of sending me to their secretary for them to take a message to hopefully pass on to them. I feel like a valued employee on the daily.

In 3 words or less, describe working with VOLCANO eCigs.

Life Changing & Innovative.