Michael R. ~ A Life Down Under


Get to know Mike R.

 I’m 43, live in Adelaide, South Australia and work fulltime as a Pest Control Technician. Much of my work is preventative for the commercial industry. When I’m not ridding the world of pests, I love spending time with my wife and our 11-week-old son. I love being out in my veggie gardens and talking to my chickens. I’ve created my own little urban farm in the suburbs.

My dream is to have my own beehive in my little farm!

Saturday afternoons over our spring and summer is spent watching my local Gridiron team The South City Chiefs (Yes… We play American football down under!).

I’ve been a smoker for over 25 years and tried to stop a few times. I loved the habit too much and always wondered if there was or ever would be something for me to keep the habit I love but without the nasty side?

In February 2013 we were on our honeymoon in the amazing paradise that is Hawaii. It was while we were at the Ala Moana Center, I noticed something I’d never seen or heard of before…ecigarettes! The brand was VOLCANO eCigs whom I would eventually form an inseparable bond with. But that would not eventuate until I was back in Australia about 6 months later.

It took me around 12 months to make the switch and I’ve also tried other brands mods and eliquid. VOLCANO is the one I always come back to for so many reasons (but you all know those reasons already!).

I’ve had so much interest in vaping, even from non-smoking friends. One of my best mates also made the switch after seeing what I was doing and another just in the last month started after talking to me about it.

It is still a small but growing community here but I’m seeing more and more people with an ecig every day.

What I found difficult through the early part of the process was the thousands of chemicals and poisons my body was craving from analogue cigarettes!

My advice to people (as it worked for me) is cut out the analogue cigarettes of a period of time. It can help with the chemical lows.

VOLCANO is an amazing brand / company with amazing customer service and the highest quality products. I am the proud owner of The MAGMA with a Tankomizer set up and The INFERNO with a BC TubeTank and Cartomizer Tube Tank but no LAVATUBE… Yet!

Curious about our devices? Check them out here: MAGMA > INFERNO > LAVATUBE >

Apple Pie, Salted Caramel and Red Hot Lava are my liquids of choice and I’ve just received Cap’n Cook with my new premium threads.

Do you have plenty of eliquids and need more flavor variety? Check out our Mix of the Week Blog Series for some unique and flavorful vape blends.

VOLCANO helps me keep “Aloha” in my life while being thousands of miles away!