Mix Of The Week: Pineapple Soda

eLiquid Mix of the Week: Pineapple Soda


Are you one of those flavored soda lovers, more specifically pineapple flavored? Well you are going to love our vape creation for this week as it emulates the flavor explosion of the beverage it is named after, perfectly. Make sure you try our Mix of the Week, Pineapple Soda the perfect pineapple carbonated flavor in every vape.

Yearning for that pineapple soda flavor but want none of the calories? Pineapple Soda is exactly what you have been looking for as a vape replacement for that delicious beverage. If you love the soda or just biased because of your affection for pineapple, this vape experience is for you!

Pineapple Soda is a mixture of Pineapple Punch and Mauna Dew, perfected by our eliquid mixologists for your enjoyment. On first inhale you will taste the sweet and fruity perfection of realistic juicy pineapple. Your exhale is the tangy and just the slightest bit sour undertones of the Mauna Dew. The two flavors are extremely well balanced, never too sweet, too tart or sour. Just perfection. The vapor production is satisfying and dense and ends with a clean aftertaste.



Pineapple Soda eLiquid Recipe:


60% Pineapple Punch

40% Mauna Dew



How does it taste?



Check out this review by Jon M. from our Ewa Beach Cafe:


“You can first taste the juicy pineapple when you first inhale, and on exhale it’s a great sweet and sour flavor combination with the Mauna Dew. Very, very flavorful vape! Tastes exactly like the drink you are thinking of, it is tangy, sweet and smooth. I’d love this as an all day vape!”



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