NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: Vapers We Need Your Help!

CTA: Contact the White House, They Must Urge the FDA to Change Their Deeming Regulations on E-Cigs


Just today, October 27, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK)—a long time opponent of vaping has organized a call to action in order to urge President Obama to place pressure on the FDA to finalize their Tobacco Deeming Regulations.

The CTFK and other health advocates aren’t detailing is the fact that if the FDA’s deeming regulations are enacted exactly as they are written now, 99.9% of the vaping products that are currently available to consumers will be taken away in about two to four years.

It is true, with the way the deeming regulations are worded; it will surely decimate the vaping market, as we know it now—an act that will hit both consumers and businesses.


What YOU Can Do to Help:


1. Write An Email:


Through CASAA’s messaging system that you can access here, take the time to send a quick email to your Congressional representative and the Senators of your state and ask them to support and co-sponsor HR 2058. HR 2058 is a bill that would prevent the FDA from banning 99%+ of vapor products currently on the market.

HR 2058 is The FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2015 introduced by Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma. This bill can effectively save America’s vaping industry from being decimated by improper FDA regulations.

It would force the FDA to change their grandfather date for “deemed tobacco products” and would allow for vapor products currently on the market to remain there without being subjected to the FDA’s pre-market approval application process.


2. Make A Phone Call:


On Wednesday, October 28th (tomorrow):

Call the White House at 202-456-1111

Below are some talking points suggested by CASAA.


3. SHARE this information with your family & friends.



Talking Points Via CASAA’s Page:


  • I am calling to urge President Obama to protect consumer choice and demand that the FDA re-work its Tobacco Deeming Regulations so that the existing wide variety of e-cigarette and vapor products can remain on the market.
  • As written, the FDA’s proposed e-cigarette regulations will remove 99.9% of vapor products from the market.
  • Please briefly share YOUR personal story about switching to vapor products. Make sure to include any improvements in health you have experienced or, perhaps, that your doctor has observed. If the variety of flavors is important to you, be sure to mention that too.
  • Thank you. I hope we can count on the President to protect adult access to vaping products.