New eLiquid Flavor Sample Packs


New eLiquid Flavor Bundles!


On a quest to find your new All-Day-Vape flavor but don’t know where to start? Well we’ve got you covered with our new eLiquid Sample Packs. Sometimes it is hard to get out of a routine that you enjoy and know well, but what is life without stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new?

To help you step out of your comfort zone push you towards finding your new favorite eliquid flavor, our expert eliquid mixologists have put together four (4) brand new flavor bundles for your enjoyment. You can now take advantage of our exceptional eliquids at an extraordinary value of 40% off at your choice of 15ml or 30ml bottles. Each eliquid flavor has been expertly selected to compliment each other in the four flavor profiles of Fruit, Candy, Dessert and for the more adventurous, Variety.   


Try one or try them all and discover your new favorite All-Day-Vape flavor!



Fruit Sample Pack:



The fruit eliquid sample pack is the perfect combination of tropical fruit flavors that are sure to satisfy any fruit craving.


This flavor journey includes:


Pele’s Papaya

Lahaina Lychee

Kawika’s Kiwi

Lolo Lime


15ml Bundle: $31.99

30ml Bundle: $47.99


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Candy Sample Pack:



Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving, the Candy eliquid sample pack is composed of hard candy and decadent flavors.


This flavor journey includes:


Sweet Tart

Salted Caramel

Striped Gum

Milk Chocolate


15ml Bundle: $31.99

30ml Bundle: $47.99


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Dessert Sample Pack:



Full of flavors from a warm baked apple pie, rich chocolate, creamy orange and sweet, buttery flavors. Ideal for the vaper who enjoys their after meal treats, or even for any time of the day.


This flavor journey includes:


Choconilla Haze

Apple Pie

Ono Orange Cream

Vanilla Bean


15ml Bundle: $31.99

30ml Bundle: $47.99


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Variety Sample Pack:



For the vaper who hasn’t quite discovered their ideal flavor profile, our distinctive selections for the Variety Sample Pack offers different vape experiences of fruit, candy and coffee. To help you discover the perfect flavor profile for your unique taste.


This flavor journey includes:


Maui Mango

Jungle Fruit

CooCoo Coconut

Kona Coffee


15ml Bundle: $31.99

30ml Bundle: $47.99


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