New Limited Time eLiquid Flavors


Summer is here and we are kicking up the heat. We are thrilled to release three new limited supply eliquid flavors: Striped Gum, Butterscotch, and Kohala Bears. These new flavors offer a sweet new kick to your summer vaping routine. Try them out before they dissapear with the season. 

Striped Gum: The fruit flavored chewing gum that was notorious for its great, but transient, artificial fruit flavor. This gum did not glitter, crackle or fizz—it just had stripes that are forever etched into our memories. It is the perfect flavor to bring up feelings of nostalgia. Suggested eliquid flavor parings: Maui Mango, Pipline Peach, Hana Honeydew, Hawa Guava. View 15ml | View 30ml.

Butterscotch: Like sunshine in your mouth, a rich, caramel, sweet and buttery golden delight. Suggested eliquid flavor pairings: Salted Caramel, Apple Pie, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Espresso. View 15ml | View 30ml.

Kohala Bears: Tangy, sweet, and cub-shaped—gummy bears are the reigning kings of the gummy world and a favorite among young and old. Let the soft chewy, citrusy sweet flavor send you to your happy place. Suggested eliquid flavor pairings: Maui Mango, Hana Honeydew, Aloha Apple, Kohala Bear, Pele Papaya, Mauna Dew, Red Wings. View 15ml | View 30ml.

These three new flavors are truly unlike our other eliquids and all offer unique flavor profiles for your to experience. So grab your ecigarette and try one or all three—but hurry because these special edition flavors are sure to sell out.