New Product - IDEAL NOALOX

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With recent research, first hand experiences and feedback we have added a new product to our LAVATUBE AccessoriesIDEAL NOALOX. Being specifically for the LAVATUBE ecig device, IDEAL NOALOX is a VOLCANO approved conductive lubricant used to help protect your LAVATUBE device threads from wear and tear. It's made specifically for aluminum to aluminum connections and helps conductivity. 



It's recommended to use IDEAL NOALOX on The LAVATUBE threading (in the middle of the device). If used on the 510-connection (where the heating element is attached), it can get gunky and messy.

Step 1: Prep

Before applying the lubricant, make sure to clean or wipe down any excess dirt or lubricant that may already be on the device threading. This will make way for the fresh coat of lubricant.

Step 2: Application

Place one or two drops directly on the aluminum threads of The LAVATUBE. Work back and forth to cover threading completely.

Step 3: Maintenance

Clean and replace lubricant monthly or if your threads get crunchy. Crunchy meaning that crunchy-like sound you hear after some time when screwing or unscrewing your LAVATUBE device.

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