New Product Monday


Weird stares, puzzling looks and all-out visual disbelief from the non-vaping public is the driving force behind our latest sticker creation.  We'll also be releasing new shirts that follow this motif and hope that you'll have fun getting the word out!

We've also dropped the prices on all of our stickers to $1.99 to make it even easier for you to show your support.  Check out all of our stickers in the Accessories section of the website or click here.

XL Atomizer Cones

For all of you MAGMA Clear Cartomizer and Clearomizer sers, we have a great new accessory that will help you keep your INFERNO looking stylish!  Our new XL atomizer cons slide right over these accessories and give your INFERNO a polished look that is sure to dazzle.  Pick some up today by clicking here.

INFERNO XL Atomizer Cones

Plastic Drip Tips - Transparent

And finally, for all of you TubeTank users, we've now added the same plastic drip tip that comes with the TubeTank to our accessories line up so that you can add them to your vaping arsenal.  You can pick some of these up today by clicking here.

Volcanoecigs Plastic Drip Tips