New Products & New Site. Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves


Witness Our Rebirth For Yourselves


Customers like you have been asking us for a long time to update our product line and dive into the world of mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers. We’ve heard your queries and have taken the step into advanced vaping with the launch of our new product line and our new website.


New Site.


Allow us to reintroduce ourselves with the launch of our new custom-made website that integrates upgraded navigation, bold design and new product configuration for a user experience that is as impactful as it is usable. The new website is ultra-responsive and adopts that same versatility across all platforms, from desktop screens to smartphones and tablets.

Ultra-sleek, modern and user-friendly we have upgraded our navigation bar so users can search for products with lightning speed. We have also integrated mech mod product selections and a separate wick, wire and RBA selection column for rebuildable hobbyists. Our new site structure includes even more resources for beginner and advanced vapers alike. We have also changed starter kit configurations to better suit your needs. Now customers are able to build their own custom starter kits based on their own preferences.     


New Product Line.


The pursuit of excellence takes time. That is why we have taken ours in the visualization and development of an ideal mech mod line that is as functional as it is customizable with accessories to suit your exact desires.

Not only that, many long hours were spent to perfect our pioneering mechanical mod that was fully designed and manufactured on Oahu, Hawaii. Our PELE stands as a distinctive work of art. In order to preserve this significance each device will come uniquely serialized and is available in limited supply.


The LAVATUBE 3 & the TUBE TANK PRO are currently not available due to some last minute changes to improve a few features. They will be available in all of our retail locations along with our online store tentatively on the week of June 8.


Get To Know The New VOLCANO Product Line


The PELE Mechanical Mod




The PELE MOD is VOLCANO’s signature mechanical mod, 100% designed and manufactured on Oahu, Hawaii USA. One of the finest mechanical mods on the vaping market, each component has been machined out of superior-quality 303-stainless steel and features copper contact points for increased conductivity. Each device has been meticulously assembled by hand to culminate in a sleek and stylish high performance mod that is suited for vapers of any experience level.


Learn more about the PELE MOD



The TEPHRA 1 & 2 Mechanical Mod




The TEPHRA Mod by VOLCANO is as elegant as it is powerful. Fully designed in Hawaii, USA it is machined from high-quality 303-stainless steel and is offered in two sizes, 18650 or 26650. It also comes equipped with a black changeable 6061-billet aluminum sleeve, which is available in a multitude of bold colors. The TEPHRA has an innovative recessed rare earth magnet-firing button that offers an effortless feel to the mod’s activation. With its sleek look and feel, the TEPHRA is one high performance mod that is ideal for any user no matter their vaping experience.


Learn more about the TEPHRA 1 & the TEPHRA 2







The one that you have been waiting for, the LAVATUBE 3 by VOLCANO is a precision built 18650 regulated mod that comes powered by the American-Made rDNA40 chip for a truly customizable vaping experience. Featuring an ergonomic button layout and large OLED display, dialing in your perfect vape has never been easier. The LAVATUBE 3 incorporates a changeable rubber grip that is available in a vast assortment of vibrant colors and materials so your device can be made to be as unique as you. The LAVATUBE 3 has been engineered to be a stylish and powerful mod that’s perfectly suited for vapers of any experience level.


Learn more about the LAVATUBE 3







The TUBE TANK PRO by VOLCANO is an innovative sub ohm tank-style atomizer that brings incredible adjustable airflow to create the satisfying cloud production that you crave. It features a stainless-steel body and atomizer, features a large capacity tank and 0.5 ohm dual vertical coils made out of USA-Made Kanthal wire and organic cotton. Replacement coils are available in dual vertical 0.5 ohm Kanthal A1 and single vertical 0.25 ohm Ni200 Nickel. With its easy twist, prime and vape coil construction, the TUBE TANK PRO has set a new standard with its superior construction, built to give you robust flavor and ample vapor production with every pull.


Learn more about the TUBE TANK PRO







The CALDERA RBA by VOLCANO is a revolutionary rebuildable dripping atomizer that has been fully designed, engineered and manufactured on Oahu, Hawaii USA. Precision-machined from top-quality 303 stainless steel, its three-post build design is intended to allow for easy coil building no matter the size and type of wire preferred by the user. Its layered spiral formation allows the build-up of condensation in the atomizer to fall back onto the coil build so that no e-liquid is wasted during any vaping session. The CALDERA RDA makes for a rebuildable that is quite a pleasure to use and one that is capable of creating massive vapor clouds and full-bodied flavor production.


Learn more about the CALDERA RBA







The CAULDRON RDA by VOLCANO is constructed out of superior quality stainless steel and 6061 billet aluminum and makes for a amazingly well-built and reliable rebuildable atomizer. The deck features 510-threading allowing it to be used with any compatible mech mod. It has a solid three-post structure with a copper positive center post to minimize voltage drop and increased conductivity. Its two negative outer posts allow for single or dual coil builds. The CAULDRON RDA also has interchangeable aluminum sleeves that come in nine vibrant colors for maximum personalization.


Learn more about the CAULDRON RBA



The LAVALINE E-Liquid Collection




Each signature blend in the LAVALINE E-liquid Collection by VOLCANO is a unique flavor blend that pays tribute to one of the world’s iconic volcanoes. Each bottle erupts with full-bodied flavor inspired by the region that each named volcano calls its home.

Geo-flavored and expertly blended, VOLCANO uses only the finest ingredients in the LAVALINE E-liquid Collection. All of these ingredients are sourced and combined in America. These e-liquid blends are composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in equal parts and feature natural and artificial flavor extracts.


Learn more about the LAVALINE E-Liquid Collection







FIREWIRE Resistance Wire by VOLCANO are all 100% USA made wires perfect for rebuilding your atomizer coil builds. Our Kanthal A1 is available in 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32 gauges. Kanthal A1 is very heat resistant and can last a long time on any RBA build.

Our Ni200 Pure Nickel FIREWIRE is very easily moldable and recommended to be used only for rDNA 40 chip devices in order to utilize the temperature control feature. Ni200 Pure Nickel wire are stocked in 28, 30, and 32 gauges.

Nichrome N80 has a much lower resistance compared to Kanthal A1, which means it heats up much faster. This makes it the preferred wire for sub ohm cloud chasers. It comes available in 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32 gauges.


Learn more about our FIREWIRE Resistance Wire Collection







COTTON WICK by VOLCANO is 100% organic Japanese cotton and is one of the most popular wicking materials used by coil rebuilders alike. Due to its organic nature, this purely natural cotton is unbleached and unadulterated so that every puff you get is fresh and crisp in taste. This wick offers amazing absorption with clean flavor production and is much more durable than medical grade cotton.


Learn more about our Organic Japanese Cotton



LAVACELL IMR LiMn 18650 & 26650 Ultra-High Drain Batteries




The battery is the most important part to any mechanical mod build and with VOLCANO’s LAVACELL battery series, you will be sure that your mod performance will be power and long-lasting every time.

The LAVACELL IMR 18650 LiMn battery is perfect for use with any 18650 capable mech mod or APV. The 18650 LAVACELL provides any APV or mech mod prolonged battery life and reliable high-drain power with 2800mAh, 3.7v and 35 amps.

For 26650 capable PV’s and mech mods the LAVACELL IMR LiMn 26650 battery is your best bet for extended battery life and long-lasting high drain performance at 2000 mAh, 4.2v and 40 amp discharge rate. 


Learn more about our LAVACELL IMR LiMn 18650 & 26650 Ultra-High Drain Batteries