New VOLCANO Premium Threads


Represent VOLCANO eCigs with some new vape gear!

We know you have been waiting patiently and the time has finally arrived, or rather we should say that our new apparel line has finally dropped!

Three new shirts, available in both men’s and women’s sizes and two awesome new snapback hats are finally available for you to add to your vaping collection.


New Threads:


VOLCANO Vapers Association Member Shirt

You’re a VOLCANO Vaper and you are proud of it! Why shouldn’t you be? You stomped your old cigarette habit into ash on the ground. So show off your success on making the switch by rocking our new VOLCANO Vapers Association shirt!

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Red Logo Line Shirt

They say that the color red is the color of passion. Show off your fervor for vaping with our Red Logo shirt, it’s simple, yet unique and eye-catching—a great way to show the world your love of ecigs.

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mAh Rastafari Shirt:

Let’s spread the word of MAH! In a world full of misconceptions and negative propaganda, it’s time to send the public the message that Vaping is a good thing. Represent the ecig revolution and vaping movement proudly with the MAH Rastafari shirt and spread the good word!

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New Hats:


Red Flat Snapback:

Look stylish in our new red and black flatbill snapback caps. Our easily recognized logo rests in the middle of this styling red cap, which is sure to look great accompanied with your ecig in hand.

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Black Mesh Snapback:

This red trucker-style mesh back with a simple black two-paneled front and threaded logo will surely have you turning heads! Designed to keep you cool and looking cooler even on the hottest of days.

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Keep an eye out as we will be releasing new styles regularly to keep your vape collection looking fresh! For local buyers, you will be able to pick up these products at any of our fine vapor cafes. But for your shopping convenience and for customers not on Oahu, these products are available online with free shipping on orders over $50.


Pick up some new premium VOLCANO threads and post photos online with #volcanoecigs repping the vape lifestyle in our new apparel. Vape on!