Nicotine Strength 101

Finding the Perfect Vape

When you first make the switch to VOLCANO electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking analog cigarettes, the switch can at first be a little intimidating. Mostly because you don’t know what strength eliquid is right for your use.

VOLCANO eCigs offers two sizes of eliquid bottles in all 40+ flavors 15 milliliter & 30 milliliter. In a standard scientific measurement, there are 20 drops of e-liquid in one (1) milliliter. VOLCANO e-liquid is currently offered in 4 different nicotine strength levels: 0mg (Zero), 8mg (Lights), 16mg (Full Flavor), 24mg (Extra Strength). 

One question new users often ask is, "Exactly what does the 16mg strength (for example) on the bottle mean for nicotine and how it relates to one cigarette?" We have compiled a quick how to guide on selecting the right strength eliquid for the perfect vape experience.

You'll notice a milligram (mg) amount and a percentage amount printed on each VOLCANO eliquid bottle. The percentage number on the label is the amount of nicotine by volume or weight and is calculated with a basic measurement of percent of nicotine per milliliter (ml) fluid volume.

To compare this to traditional tobacco cigarettes, if the label on your pack of cigarettes note that there is 1.6mg of nicotine, each cigarette in the pack contains a possible delivery amount of 1.6mg of nicotine. Which means that a pack of 20 cigarettes have the possibility of delivering 32mg of nicotine to the user.

Likewise, a bottle of 16mg (Full Flavor) VOLCANO eliquid that has 16mg of nicotine per volume (ml) of 15ml or 30ml eliquid bottle size. If you were to vape 1ml of this liquid and in turn processed 100% of the deliverable nicotine, you would receive the same amount of nicotine as provided by 10 of tobacco cigarettes. 

Volcano E-Liquid Nicotine Graph

Similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette, the nicotine in eliquid cannot all be processed by the vaper.  For instance, if you use 1ml of e-liquid which contains 16mg of nicotine, that does not mean you will be using the full 16mg of nicotine. Depending on your body and your own smoking habits, you have the possibility of processing about 40-65% of the nicotine on average.

In a VOLCANO ecigarette 16mg (Full Flavor) eliquid bottle, there would be 0.8mg of nicotine per drop (16mg/20 drops). If you put 3 drops of eliquid into an ecartridge, this would equate to 2.4mg of nicotine from the start of your vape until you put more into the cartridge. 

Volcano E-Liquid Nicotine Strength Chart

e-Liquid to Tobacco - In comparison

Cigarettes contain between 13mg to 23mg of nicotine. In an average calculation, 1 cigarette contains 10.2mg of nicotine based on a study conducted by the Biobehavioral Department of Penn State University. Just like its eliquid counterpart, a cigarette also does not deliver the full amount of nicotine that it contains. Mainly because of combustion, consequently some of the nicotine just gets burned away. In another study done by the ICRF Health Behavior Unit of the University College London, it was concluded that 1.4mg of nicotine is delivered to the average smoker meaning that cigarettes have a 14% efficiency for nicotine delivery.

It's also important to note that traditional tobacco (analog) cigarettes actually contain at least 10 times more nicotine than what the label advertises. This is because the label only reflects the average nicotine amount that the user processes NOT the actual nicotine content. So even though you are used to the strength of your pack and a half of Marlboro Reds it does not necessarily mean the 24mg (Extra Strength) eliquid is what you need.

Volcano E-Liquid Nicotine Strength Description

Until the shoe fits

Often most first time customers try a couple different strengths and decide for themselves. A former light smoker who only smokes a couple cigarettes per day can easily make the transfer to the 8mg (Lights). Whereas a two packs per day smoker will mostly enjoy the 24mg (Extra Strength). But most people will fall somewhere in between and will need to figure out their needs based on their own cravings. Let our flowchart below guide you to your perfect vape! 

Volcano Vape Chart

The Highest Level Isn’t Always the Best

With the right choice of eliquid strength, your transition to ecigarettes will be as smooth as the VOLCANO vapor that you'll soon enjoy. Many of our experienced customers, along with our R&D Department have recommended that new users first try a lower nicotine strength, kind of like putting your big toe in first to test the waters. As you start feeling out a comfortable space and find that you are ready for something that gives you a little more, you can then just move up and essentially dive into the different strengths and flavors that are offered.

You can even create a custom nicotine milligram/milliliter content from VOLCANO eliquid without losing the strength of the flavor that you enjoy. Simply take the concentration that you already have and pick up the same flavor in Zero (no nicotine) and mix the two together.

For example, say you bought Extra Strength at 24mg and it is too strong. If you combine this bottle 50/50 with the same flavor in Zero, you will effectively half the concentration of the bottle.

Instead of your 24mg you will now have 12mg of nicotine. Our customer service representatives are always standing by to help you.