NY Proposed eLiquid Ban


Vapers of New York, your help is needed.

Similar to Illinois, New York has purposed Bill S6939 which would prohibit the sale, offer to sell or giving away of eliquid within the whole state and if passed it will take effect 90 days after it becomes law. Their justification of this purposed bill is based on recent studies done on select eliquids. View the complete Bill S6939 >

What you can do.


  • To voice your opinion, make a comment at the bottom of the Open Legislation page dedicated to Bill S6939.

  • Share this blog to spread the word in efforts to stop this bill.

New York Residents:

  • All of the above.

  • Contact your state Senators and voice your opinion.  An email is great but a phone call can really get your point across. You can find your Senators contact information here>

If this bill is passed, just imagine the affect it will have on the New York eCig Industry.  Jobs will be lost, Vape Shops may close down and worst case scenario, Vapers could make the switch back to analogs for the convenience.  As Vapers, we know how bad that would be so let's take the minute or two to voice our opinion about this bill if not for us for our fellow Vapers in New York.