Odd Mods That Are Brilliantly Awesome

Modified ecigs are not for everyone. To the special niche that appreciates such things, they are feats of technological advancement and glorious engineering, all beautifully designed, autonomous nicotine-administering devices.

These extravagant mods are quite the shameful indulgence, something you would love to have in your collection, but not something you would want to use in everyday life. But what is life without creativity and brilliant engineering? Here are a few of the most eccentric and some quite outrageous mods we found out there perusing the interwebs.



The NES Controller:

Yes, the bane of your past youth’s existence—so much time wasted trying to rescue the princess from that unrelenting ape. The NES was a landmark console in gaming history and now you can relive those great memories every time you vape. This custom mod features a screen that shows current wattage, voltage, and resistance—but who cares, you are vaping from one of the most iconic, retro gaming controllers of all time.

Flavor suggestion: Red Wings



Coke Can Mod:

In case you want to look like you are just sipping on some soda, here is the perfect mod for you. It really is made out of a coke can and on a quick glance most people won’t think twice that you are even vaping until a billow of vapor comes listlessly out of your mouth.

Flavor suggestion: Surfer’s Soda



A Coconut (seriously!):

Perfect for those long lazy vapes at the beach. It’s a real coconut, no really it’s a hollowed out coconut.

Flavor suggestion: Coocoo Coconut or Pina Volada



The Sonic Screwdriver:

All Whovians would be going crazy for this one. At last you can harness the power of the Timelords and control your nicotine intake and flavor at the same time, with the perfect representation of the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver as a vape mod.

Flavor suggestion: Ry-Four




Smokers end up eventually having to use albuterol inhalers because of the health problems caused by their combustible cigarette smoking. Which makes this mod quite ironic.

Flavor suggestion: Menthol




A true nerdgasm for those Star Wars fans, here is a perfect replica of the hilt of a lightsaber made by a dedicated fan.

Flavor suggestion: Aloha Apple




To continue with the Star Wars theme, we happen to come across another awesome tribute to the epic. Why not take a vape from a trusty mini R2-D2 figurine?

Flavor suggestion: BlueWater Punch



Vape Pipe:

Sometimes you want to look as cool as Gandalf does when he smokes his Churchwarden pipe. So here are some setups that take the similar long form of his iconic pipe.

Flavor suggestion: Tobacco Pure



Altoids Tin:

Because recycling is a great thing and what a better way to use these sturdy mint boxes for than to turn it into a vape box! This modded version even comes with a small screen that indicates your current charge, voltage, and wattage levels.

Flavor suggestion: Menthol Burst



Headset Vaping:

A perfect setup for gamers and multi-taskers alike, a hands-free headset mod! It also has an LED light at the top, which will come in handy if you like to read and vape before bedtime.

Flavor suggestion: Jungle Fruit



Iron Man Inspired Mod:

We think Tony Stark would be impressed with this mod; it’s inspired by him, so that we’re sure would make him happy enough. The red and gold perfectly matches Iron Man’s suit and it looks like the drip tip may have an LED as well, to compliment the glow of the Arc Reactor.

Flavor suggestion: Red Hot Lava


All of these mods are fairly impressive and are quite the achievement of engineering, but aren’t the best for everyday use especially if you are new to the vaping world. So if you are looking for a device that is stylish, functional, and easy to use—check out our LAVATUBE v2.5.